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Players who don’t have arachnophobia should check out the Neverjam – Spiderheck game. Play as a spider who hopes and navigates the web until you finally die in an epic saga across the map. Oh. Don’t forget to grab your lightsaber to help you on your 8-legged adventures!

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Spiderheck has a few different game modes. PVE where players can fight to survive against waves of enemies. If keeping NPCs away isn’t your thing, grab some friends and battle it out in PVP party mode. Tiers of Heck is the heavy battle mode for those ready to be crushed into oblivion.


10/10 Map Awareness

Map knowledge can turn the tide of any fight in almost any game. Knowing where to fall back and the best places to push when an enemy is at a disadvantage can be a big help. Just make sure you’re the one with the heights and no one jumps over your head and walks past with a well-timed webshot

There are box obstacles that can cause a player to trip and die above the natural terrain of certain levels. They can also be good places to hide to recover for a moment or two before heading back into the fray.

9/10 strap time

With maps that have lava-filled danger zones, knowing how to shoot and land on a web can save your life. The canvases can be hung on walls, ceilings and almost anywhere.

Jumping and grappling on a web can also take players out of a firefight that would otherwise kill them. Master this mechanic well to save your limbs in important moments.

8/10 Skip

There are 2 types of jumps a player can perform normally. The first is just a basic jump that can enter your webshot with no more glare. The other is a power jump that spiders gain the ability to do when holding some form of weapon.

Power jumps should be used to gain momentum in order to traverse maps or fight. They can also be used to get a better weapon that the player has their eyes on. Just be careful about overshooting your path.

7/10 Bounce

Jumping and webbing aren’t the only additional ways for arachnids to move around the levels aside from walking. Bounce Pads exist throughout the game and are able to get players back on track if they find themselves in sticky situations.

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Bounce Pads can also bounce weapons which, with good team coordination, could lead to some interesting gameplay mechanics. Pads are displayed in neon blue when found. Prepare to be thrown when you encounter one.

6/10 Choose a weapon

Once players have established their movement mechanics, it’s time to look for something to fight with. Laser swords and various types of weapons are at the disposal of the 8-legged warriors of Spiderheck.

Each weapon has advantages and disadvantages. It will depend on what works best for a player’s hairy legs, but be sure to try them all. This will give a basic knowledge of what you will be looking at in a fight.

5/10 Telekinetic powers

What’s more terrifying than a spider with weapons? How about giving them superpowers? In Spiderheck, it is possible to move objects with the spider’s mastermind.

This power can move certain objects around the map to aid combat strategies. Shooting weapons at players is a good way to grab them if the weapon isn’t directly next to the character when trying to get their favorite.

4/10 Laser Swords

Laser swords are going to be a crowd favorite for obvious fandom reasons. They require good timing and practice so you don’t end up in a splattered mess on the battlefield. Still, it’s a good weapon to practice in times when you can’t get your favorite gun.

They have a wide range of uses. Able to smash small fireflies into a nice simple wave as well as knock enemies away. Players can use swings at the right time to deflect explosions. Swords can also be thrown at opponents to knock them down.

3/10 Pistols

Guns stand alongside laser swords as players can put weapons in their hairy legs to retaliate against enemies. Aiming is something to put under your belt, and each weapon has different firing styles.

Giving players range is never a bad thing when they need to take out certain enemies. Once you have chosen your favorite weapon, find a good perch for your spider and aim down sights.

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Some weapons have an explosive kick like a rocket launcher and mines that can be thrown are an available addition to anyone’s arsenal. These will quickly smash a spider into the batter, but be careful not to get splashed. With straps and super jumps, other players can avoid these attacks. Landing one will result in some interesting spider death physics.

2/10 choose your path

Choosing the different paths on offer will give you an advantage over certain game mechanics. These can be chosen to give you a more strategic advantage over your opponents or to challenge the limits.

Which path best suits your playstyle? Do you often blow yourself up and need a breather? Need more weapons? There are many paths to choose from when fighting in the game, and choosing the best one can make or break the end results.

1/10 Use of the lobby

Before you launch into waves of enemies, there is one final kernel of wisdom for this game. The best advice is to practice, and players can practice in the lobby menu screen. You don’t have to fully enter a game until you have the basics to a point that you are comfortable with.

Test out guns and swords, learn webbing mechanics, jump and bounce around the map, and become part of Xavier’s school with your telekinetic powers. Once you’re thoroughly familiar with the controls and general mechanics, embark on a solo race or go with friends to test your mettle against each other.

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