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Has algal bloom killed family hiking in Mariposa County? Authorities are checking all possibilities of mysterious deaths

HITES COVE, Mariposa County – Authorities are wondering if a dangerous algal bloom may have killed a young family whose bodies were found here on a hiking trail this week, and friends and investigators are pinning their hopes on a toxicology report waiting for answers. Mariposa County Sheriff’s officials are awaiting toxicology results and told […]

Gay hiking

Family with 1-year-old child and dog found dead in remote hiking area

A California family who went missing earlier this week has been found dead in a remote hiking area, authorities say. iStock Family – John Gerrish, Ellen Chung and their one-year-old daughter Miju and their dog were reported missing Monday in the Sierra National Forest. Their bodies were found in a remote area near Devil’s Gulch […]

Gay hiking

Remote hiking area where a Northern California family was found dead treated as a hazmat site

Sheriff’s deputies were left mystified at how a family of three, along with their dog, perished on a remote hiking trail in Mariposa County. “This is a very unusual and unique situation,” said Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kristie Mitchell. “There were no signs of trauma, no obvious cause of death. There was no suicide […]

Gay hiking

Warren County Opens New Hiking Trail to Swede Mountain Fire Tower | Local

THE HAGUE — Warren County has opened a new hiking trail on Swede Mountain in The Hague that leads to a 47-foot-tall fire tower. The tower is approximately 11 miles east of the hamlet of Brant Lake and 5.5 miles west of the hamlet of Hague. Warren County owns the fire tower and the land […]

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Majority of Campgrounds and RV Parks Report Over 20% Increase in Fall Bookings

LARAMIE, Wyo., August 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the ongoing pandemic and the shift towards outdoor recreation, campgrounds and RV parks are reporting a significant increase in bookings, a trend that is expected to continue for many years. many years to come. A recent survey by of 2,100 campgrounds and RV parks nationwide found […]