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Tips and Tricks for Flower Beginners Wylde

The world of farming simulators is constantly changing as more and more games are added to this genre. Wild flowers is a story-rich game where the developers have ensured that you have a comfortable therapeutic experience throughout playtime.

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From the start, you embody Tara, and you get off the boat, to meet the people of Fairhaven Town after a long time. You came back to town because your grandmother, Hazel, isn’t doing too well. During your stay, you learn various things about yourself.

Each store has a different schedule

When it comes to farming simulators, one of the most annoying aspects that make the game less comfortable is remember the schedule of each store. Some stores tend to close earlier than usual, while some owners choose one of the days of the week as your day off.


Wylde Flowers devs have made sure this doesn’t affect their player base. Each store has a small board outside on which the program for the whole week is written. This way you can easily decide what part of the game you want to prioritize.

You cannot enter houses other than your own at first of this game, which means the only time you can interact with other town members is when they’re in their store, or they’re walking around. You can use this schedule to have a guaranteed time to talk to them.

The manual can be very useful

It is very common for games like Wylde Flowers to have a manual for their players. Unlike other games, you already have this book unlocked from the start. You can click on its icon at the top right of your screen to access it, or press the key listed below if you’re playing on a keyboard or controller.

The journal can be a very handy tool, and here is all it tells you:

  • In the first tab, it will mention all the quests you currently have. For each quest, there will be a option to display a hint which will tell you what you’re supposed to do, in case you’ve forgotten. He will also have a exclamation point if you progress in a quest.
  • The second tab display the names of all people you met in town and chat! This will also mention the amount of hearts you have on each one, and these can be increased by various methods.
  • The third tab that will unlock automatically on startup will be the Manufacturing tab. As you can see, this will label each crafting item you’ve discovered and what it takes to create them. This can be useful since you can access the log anywhere and find out what you are missing.
  • Later more tabs like Cooking and fishing will unlock in the journal, where you can keep an eye on your recipes and the fish. It’s great for finding the necessary ingredients, or catching all the fish if you’re a finalist.

The only problem with the newspaper currently is that it does not display the amount of energy you can restore of any recipe. Although you can see it if you have the food item in your inventory, it would be a blessing so you can see it before you cook it.

You can jump over fences

There must have been so many times where you have to enter places side by side, but there is a long fence between them, and it becomes frustrating to go all the way around. Luckily, this issue has been partially resolved for this game in a pretty fun way.

Every time you run directly over one of the small white fences, Tara will jump right on it with a fun animation. Although it’s not really logical and could be a bit immersive, the time saved is worth it. In case you don’t want to, you can always go all the way around.

Bulletin requests are unlocked from the start

As mentioned above, the game assumes its players know the basics agricultural simulators. That’s a good thing to some extent, but sometimes it can take too much. There is a bulletin board which is already placed in the town of Fairhavenbut the game does not tell you about it.

You can find this table on the left side of the mayor’s building in the middle of the city. Fortunately, you don’t have to complete the application you receive from the council on the same day, and they will stay a few days.

There are many quality of life options

The game takes the comfortable aspect of a farming simulator to the next level. At any time during your run, you can simply press the pause button near the HUD day at the top left and access some quality of life settings to make your game easier and experience better.

The main option here will be the day speed. Within this, you will have three speeds at which your day unfolds. If you don’t have much to do, you can do it faster. And if you plan to do a lot of things that day, you can have it more relaxed.

Apart from that, there are also some options to facilitate fishing. This mechanism is already quite easy, so you couldn’t even notice the difference after activating the setting, unless you are looking to catch a certain rare fish.

There is no limit to your inventory

You must have played many games that claim to be comfortable, but the inventory limitation in these games can make it very stressful and boring. Fortunately, it is not the same for Wylde Flowers that there is no inventory limit visible here.

This feature makes the game really laid back, and all you have to worry about is the managing your energy.

You will have much less energy at the start of the gameand if you don’t have enough food to regenerate a lot, the decision to devote your energy to a certain task becomes very important.

The dialogues are quite fast.

Although this is not a problem for most, it can catch you off guard at first. Usually, games with voice acting have slow dialogues, and there is a little gap after each dialogue. Neither is true for Wylde Flowerswhich can also spoil the immersion.

When there’s a big cutscene with a lot of dialogue, this problem is much more noticeable. The dialogue is paused if you remove the game from your screen for any reason. In addition, the game saves automatically, which means that it will start at the very point where you left offinstead of starting at the start of the day.

You can pet the cat

This last trick already makes the game better than any other competitor out there. There is a strange cat in Fairhaven Town, and you can pet it whenever you approach it by clicking on the option that will appear above the animal.

When you pet the cat for the first time, it increase your closeness to him, which will be symbolized by the increase in the heart rate meter at the end of the animation. While you can stroke it an unlimited number of times each dayit will have no effect on hearts and is only there to warm your real heart.

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