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April 2022: What’s New and Gay on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+

April showers bring one thing: lesbian, bisexual, queer and trans women and non-binary characters to our TV sets! After the darkest month of queer content on record (March 2022), I’m happy to report that there’s promise on the horizon! Here’s what’s airing with LGBTQ+ characters this great season!

LGBTQ+ Netflix Movies and TV Shows for April 2022

Elite: Season 5 – April 8

Elite Season 4 has finally delivered the lesbian storyline we’ve been waiting for, so we can’t wait to see what Season 5 has in store for our favorite high schoolers who lead dangerous lives of crime. In the Season 5 trailer, Rebe tells Mencía, “Sometimes I feel like we’re not meant to be together, even though we’re engaged,” then also says, “I really love you. “, then in another part of the trailer, you see Rebe making out with another girl!!! SO PREPARE FOR DRAMA

Hard Cell: Season 1 – April 12

A British documentary-style comedy set in a women’s prison starring Catherine Tate, who plays multiple characters including Governor Laura Willis, a former event planner determined to transform the prison and the women it cares for. Due to its setting (prison for women) I assume there will be lesbians, otherwise what are we really doing here as people.

Van Helsing: Season 5 (Syfy) – April 16

SyFy’s reimagining of Dracula, in which vampires and humans must work together to survive, centers on Vanessa Helsing, the (bisexual) daughter of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. This show is apparently gay enough to have upset much of Reddit.

Russian Doll: Season 2 – April 20

In Season 2, Nadia and Alan escaped their original time loop and together, as a family, we jumped four years into the future, where the duo find themselves caught in a different time loop that allows them to ” discover a fate even worse than endless death” (idk, life???) through a portal at an iconic Manhattan location. According to Entertainment Weekly, Rebecca Henderson, who played a lesbian character, is returning to cast and also Schitt’s CreekAnnie Murphy joins.

Heartstopper: Season 1 – April 22

This British LGBTQ+ rom-com series centered on young gay introspective thinker Charlie and his crush, sensitive athlete Nick (Kit Connor), is based on a webcomic/graphic novel by 27-year-old aromantic asexual writer Alice Oseman, who supervised the production. According The Guardian, Heartstopper” is as wholesome and uplifting as America’s headline-grabbing high school sensation [Euphoria] is dark and ridiculously debauched. Trans TikTok sensation Yasmin Finney plays Elle, one of Charlie’s best friends. Queer couple Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) are also featured in the story! Everyone is very excited about this one!!!

Grace and Frankie: Season 7B – April 29

Netflix’s longest-running series will say goodbye in April with the back half of season seven. Sadly, it looks like Grace and Frankie will never live out their true destinies as girlfriends.

Showtime’s LGBTQ+ Content for April 2022

The First Lady – April 17

This “revealing reframing of American leadership through the lens of the First Ladies, diving deep into their personal and political lives” is of particular interest to us here as they will in fact explore Eleanor Roosevelt’s bisexuality and she will be portrayed by the bisexual actress Gillian Anderson! Lily Rabe of American Horror Story fame plays his girlfriend, Lorena Hickok. Lesbian actress Clea Duvall plays Eleanor’s private secretary/personal assistant, Malvina “Tommy” Thompson who Eleanor was also reportedly involved with. Also Viola Davis plays the role of Michelle Obama! AN ABUNDANCE OF GIFTS!!!

HBO & HBO Max Stuff for Gals, Gays and Theys in April 2022

Moon shot (2022) – March 31

This little teen romantic comedy starring Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor as two friends on a rocket to Mars also includes the little lesbian story of Celeste (Sunita Deshpande) and Tabby (Cameron Esposito), a lesbian couple who want to get engaged on Mars. Plus, Tabby hosts seminars and Q&A sessions on the ship!

A Black Lady Sketch Show: Season 3 Premiere – April 8

Our ever-beloved The Black Lady Sketch Show returns for its third season on April 8 and we’re in for a laugh. We will finally discover “who or what was responsible for the end of the world and what will be the fate of women”. Queer comic/writer/actress Ashley Nicole Black returns as series regular, and guest stars include LGBTQ fames Raven-Symoné, Wanda Sykes, and MJ Rodriguez. Robin Theade promises that “the twists and turns of this season are enormous. Like you’ll never see where the sketches go.

Flight Attendant: Season 2 Premiere – April 21

Mae Martin, our dearest queerest fave, will appear in the second season of The stewardess as a flight attendant named Grace St. James. In season 2, Cassie Bowden lives her best sober life in Los Angeles while moonlighting for the CIA, only to find herself embroiled in international intrigue after a concert abroad allows her to accidentally witness a ‘a murder. Bisexual icon Margaret Cho was also added to the cast as “Utada”.

Gentleman Jack: Season 2 Premiere – April 25

Rest assured that you will receive constant and breathless updates regarding our BURNING ANTICIPATION of Gentleman Jack Season 2!!!! Newly married Ann and Anne establish their lives as an influential lesbian couple in Shibden Hall, but Anne’s ex is also lurking everywhere! Additionally, Anne’s entrepreneurial spirit and unconventional romantic life intimidates the locals and with Halifax on the brink of a revolution, her bold personality becomes a liability.

Snowpiercer: Season 3 – April 29

This show has some weird stuff in it and a train runs around and the snow is falling and falling anyway, watch out for season 3!

Hulu content for lesbians and bisexuals This Fine April 2022

Boys on the side (1995) – April 1st

Whoopi Goldberg is Jane, a lesbian musician who moves from New York to Los Angeles after breaking up with her girlfriend and her band who joins Robin (Mary Louise Parker) and Holly (Drew Barrymore) on a cross-country road trip which gets messy after the women band together to protect Holly from her abusive boyfriend.

runaways (2010) – April 1

Kristen Stewart shines like Joan Jett in this sexually taut biopic about the all-female rock band that made her famous, following Jett and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning), two rebellious teenage girls from SoCal, forming The Runaways and changing the game for women in rock ‘n roll.

Revival: Season 2: April 8

Keef Knight finds himself fully inhabiting an “artivist” spotlight with a higher profile and higher expectations. Her lesbian girlfriend Ayana (Sasheer Zamata) faces the decline of bay area and possible expulsion while remaining available to guide Keef through new opportunities to effect change and/or be exploited. Season 2 will continue to “continue to disrupt the culture of black nerds and activists, deftly satirizing with a wink and a smile.” Woke is a really awesome show, you should watch it!!

To crush (2022) – April 29

Starring Rowan Blanchard and Auli’i Cravalho, the highly anticipated Crush follows an aspiring young artist who is forced to join her high school track team and decides to use the situation as an opportunity to go after the girl she’s in love with forever – only to find herself falling in love with an unexpected teammate and discovering TRUE LOVE.

Queer content from Amazon Prime Video for April 2022

Under the Tuscan sun (2003) – April 1

Recently divorced writer Frances (Diane Lane) buys a villa in Tuscany on a whim hoping for a big change in her life! Famously, Sandra Oh plays her lesbian best friend Patti who is expecting a baby with her partner, Grace (Kate Walsh), and thus gave Frances the Italian vacation ticket that started this whole charade. Later, Patti comes to visit us! Big Mommi’s energy.

The Outlaws (BBC): Season 1 – April 1

Seven very different strangers find themselves together on a Community Payback mission after committing crimes. They discover a bag full of money and what are they going to do with it! Among them is cocaine addict Lady Gabby, whose anger issues got her into trouble with her ex who got her arrested. You can read the review of the series by LezWatchTV, which debuted on the BBC, for more information!

Batwoman: Season 3 (The CW) – April 2

The entire fucking season of this superhero show centered around a black lesbian Batwoman that you may have been watching week-to-week with our famous recaps hits HBO Max on April 2.

Paramount+ Gay Things for April 2022

iCarly: Season 2 – April 8

The second season of this grown-up take on the Nickelodean classic finds Carly Shay navigating work, relationships and family in her twenties and aiming for even greater success with her revived web series. Her best friend/roommate Harper (Laci Mosley) is bisexual!

Rugrats – 10 new episodes – April 15

More episodes of the Rugrats CGI reboot have Natalie Morales voicing Phil and Lil’s openly gay mom, Betty DeVille!

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