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Arkansas experts share tips to protect kids from guns

After several fatal accidental shootings involving children in Little Rock, officers are reminding gun owners to keep guns away from children.

ARKANSAS, USA – Following Tuesday night’s tragedy in which a one-year-old girl allegedly committed suicide in Little Rock, the police department has reminded all gun owners how to store them safely, so that this does not happen again.

“It’s a very tragic situation. It’s very sad,” Sergeant Michael Lundy said.

Lundy said responding to accidental shootings, especially those involving children, is never easier for officers.

According to the Little Rock Police Department, at least 3 fatal shooting accidents involving children have occurred from 2019 to 2022.

Lundy said they are usually able to determine if it was an accident through a thorough investigation.

“They are conducting the investigation through witnesses and statements from the victim and other witnesses, he said.

Lundy added that all gun owners can easily prevent these incidents.

“As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to know how to handle any firearm properly, as well as know how to secure your firearm safely inside your home,” he explained.

His best advice to gun owners was to get a padlock.

“Each patrol division has gun locks which are free to the public. We will be happy to distribute them and teach the gun owner how to properly use the gun lock,” said Monday.

He also said gun safes are another good option for keeping guns away from children.

At the Arkansas Armory in Sherwood, employees have implemented a new program to educate children about firearms.

“A parent can come in and watch a gun safety DVD. And give it to the child or watch it at an appropriate age for the child,” said Nathan House, general manager of the Arkansas Armory. “We also have coloring books and crayons. And different materials available that also talk about gun safety. All for free.”

House added that parents should never underestimate children.

“Kids are climbers, kids are good at getting into drawers and finding things. And kids are naturally curious about guns,” he explained.

You don’t have to spend a lot to protect your kids and your guns.

“You don’t necessarily need a $300 high-tech solution every time it causes $30 and a little common sense can go a long way too,” House said.

You can get a free padlock at any LRPD and Arkansas Armory substation, just by walking in.