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Backpacker Radio #172 | Carl “Professor” Stanfield on the longest hike in a calendar year

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Carl Stanfield aka “Professor”. The professor is trying to complete the best-known miles in a single calendar year, including a triple crown per calendar year. We of course dive deep into his journey, including his hike on the Florida Trail in January, hiking through freezing temperatures on the AT, but – how he was incredibly lucky with the weather throughout his hike in general, we learn how he managed to prioritize the overall experience above making miles, how many free beers he racked up during his many miles, and much more. And, because the Professor is such a big fan of gear, we dissect his bag, his clothes, and the changes he made on his journey. It was a ton of fun having Carl in the studio for this show, we hope you enjoy the chat as much as we do.

We end the show with a triple crown of non-R rated insults, Chaunce has his mind blown on the proper way to use coffee ice cubes, and we get yet another update from our intrepid adventurer MG.


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Interview with Carl “Professor” Stanfield

Timestamps and Questions

00:03:26- DAILY: What is the correct way to use coffee ice cubes?

00:08:43- Reminders: Shop Trek Shorts, apply to join the Trekand support us subscribe wherever you listen!

00:10:57 – Introducing the teacher

00:11:53 – How tired are you?

00:14:00 – Set your hiking goals for us.

00:17:03 – Did you expect to achieve your goal at first?

00:18:33 – Have you contacted the Guinness Book of World Records?

00:20:10 – What was your backpacking background like before this year?

00:23:19 – Why did you go to school and what jobs did you want to get next?

00:25:10 – Discussion of Carl’s gear reviews for the Trek

00:26:05 – Tell us about the Florida Trail!

00:31:44 – What kind of mileage did you cover on your first rides?

00:33:25 – Tell us about spending half your AT nights indoors.

00:35:11 – Are you socially or physically tired when staying with strangers?

00:37:11 – Have you had to cut back on social events to meet your mileage goals?

00:38:19 – Do you have an outstanding social experience that stands out?

00:42:49 – Discussion of intense on-track emotions

00:46:28 – Let’s talk about cold and snow on the AT!

00:49:22 – Why wasn’t the cold too bad for you?

00:51:09 – Why was the TA physically more difficult than expected?

00:52:14 – What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a similar inner experience?

00:56:20 – How did the TA end?

00:59:47 – Was it stressful or pleasant to take time off?

01:02:09 – Were there other people around when you launched the Sierras on the PCT?

01:03:54 – Was there a level of shock pushed into the Sierra landscape from the AT?

01:04:42 – How many fires have you encountered on the PCT?

01:06:59 – Did the social element of TA hold up on the PCT?

01:08:10 – What kind of food did you crave for dinner or on the town?

01:11:09 – How did you save to do this hike?

01:12:42 – Discussion about Carl’s frugality.

01:15:01 – Discussion of experiences with people and Quadzilla Quads.

01:19:54 – What happened after the northern terminus of the PCT?

01:20:50 – Benders from the breakfast buffet

01:24:25 – Tell us about CDT so far.

01:27:43 – What kind of stuff do you follow?

01:31:18 – Have you ever encountered grizzly bears?

01:31:59 – What else happened on the CDT?

01:33:47 – What’s left of your hike now?

01:37:52 – Which is the bigger goal: the triple crown of the calendar year or the mileage record?

01:38:34 – What counts as miles that count towards your goal?

01:40:28 – What are your big 3?

01:46:42 – Tell us about your shoes.

01:49:17 – Fuck Marry Kill: your equipment

01:51:06 – Tell us about your shirt.

01:54:24 – What else is worth talking about in your gear?

01:57:18 – Any other equipment you want to talk about?

01:58:47 – What have been the main takeaways from your trip so far?


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