Hiking events

Cairns hiking enthusiasts create a community of adventurers and nature lovers


A team of trekking guides offering free tours of some of the region’s most popular hiking trails attracts ever-increasing numbers of participants.

On Sunday, 52 people went on a group hike along Babinda Falls in Wooroonooran National Park.

To adhere to national park guidelines, they were split into separate groups based on their abilities, with each group departing at different times.

The groups were led by organizer Andy Gallagher from Andy’s Hiking Adventures, Sean Dromey and Dax Ta from Far North Queensland – Adventure Hiking Group, Marc Forster from Hiking Buddy and Stuart Morey from Happy feet – hiking adventures.

Between them, the guides have thousands of hours of hiking experience in the area.



Andy said Tropic now the goal is to create community and provide safety for people who lack self-confidence.

“It’s designed to bring hikers of all skill levels together, to get out into nature and explore this beautiful part of the world,” he said.


“I’m happy to take beginners as long as they have a certain level of fitness.

“Hiking in a group is much safer than hiking alone, especially around rivers and rock formations where you have no communication in case something goes wrong.

“As a host, my responsibility is to know the guidelines and route and track conditions from the reconnaissance a few days before the event.

“I will pass this information on to potential participants and they will decide whether or not to do the hike.