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Central Florida 100: Ukraine, “Don’t Say Gay” and International Women’s Day

Larry Pino, lawyer and entrepreneur

Last week: CLASSIC DOUBLESPEAKER: Even George Orwell, author of the 1949 blockbuster ‘1984’, inventing ‘doublespeak’, would be rolling over in his grave if he lived in Florida today. Florida’s surgeon general called the masks, which have saved countless lives during the pandemic, a “lie” that people “must not believe”. Florida lawmakers have passed the “don’t say gay” bill banning classroom teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity under the auspices of “parental rights.” And all this while Russia describes its involvement in Ukraine as a “special military operation”. George Orwell would either be crying or laughing right now. What is unfortunate is that we do not know which one!

Look forward: RULES OF DEMOCRACY: It has been said that American democracy produces many unruly people. Alexis De Tocqueville learned of its dangers more than 250 years ago. But, as we see what unfolds as a result of two sovereign nations by an autocratic ruler without muzzling his actions, apparently democracy isn’t so bad after all. Beneath the broad arc of history, America, surviving a challenge of its own, is doing quite well right now and deserves a moment of relief and gratitude.