Hiking tips

Doctor and passionate mountaineer offers advice on trekking

Gandbal: “Trekking improves cardiovascular strength and cleans the lungs as the trekking places are mostly away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have low pollution,” said Dr Feroz Khan, a surgeon working with the Kashmir health department and avid mountaineer.

The advice came as walking in the mountains is believed to provide a host of benefits for both body and mind. There are a large number of people going for trekking in Kashmir, especially after the COVID-19 situation subsided.

Many want to experience a drive through snow-capped mountains and flowery valleys, or simply a hike up the hill outside the city. Although trekking mostly involves walking, it’s nothing like a walk in the park – it requires stamina, lung power and strong legs. Experts say that preparing for a trek itself is full of benefits.

Dr. Feroz recently completed the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek with his fellow trekkers.

“Cardio exercise performed before and during the trek prevents lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol,” he said. While trekking can help ward off bone diseases, like osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiency, it’s also good for helping quit addiction issues like smoking and alcohol, he said. Dr. Feroz says hikers should take several precautions and avoid certain health risks.