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Easter weather forecast says a cold front will sweep across Australia, but hopefully not enough to calm tempers

Showers and a change of coolness are expected to sweep the country, stirring up the weather over the Easter weekend.

The cold front will move west to east around Friday through Tuesday, but its impacts will likely be relatively mild compared to the wild weather we’ve had for the past few months.

But before abandoning the tent to sleep under the stars, Miriam Bradbury, BOM’s senior forecaster, warned the long weekend was still a long way off – and the timing and severity of the front could still change.

“Here’s what it looks like now. It might take more energy as we get closer to this weekend,” she said.

“As with all cold fronts, it would have the potential to draw in strong wind, the head of the front, and possible thunderstorms, that sort of thing.”

We’ll have to wait and see exactly how that pans out, but for now the predictions are at least optimistic that we won’t have a dreadful Easter weekend.


In the meantime, most of the country is fairly calm, although southern Western Australia faces potentially severe thunderstorms and heavy rain, while the east coast battles dangerous waves.

Western Australia

Southern Western Australia has a lot to do before we get to the long weekend.

“We have another low system, impacting the south coast [and] adjacent coastal parts, bringing showers and thunderstorms as well as potentially severe thunderstorms, Ms Bradbury said.


Rainfall totals are generally expected to be between 5 and 15 millimeters, but much larger drops could occur if severe storms develop.

As usual, keep an eye on the forecast.

Conditions are expected to ease mid week but showers are expected again as the front is expected to brush the southwest coast late on Saturday.

But total precipitation is expected to be relatively low.

If you’re looking for the perfect sunny quokka selfie, Friday looks like the day on Rottnest Island, WA.(ABC Open Contributor: Salty Peaks)

Temperatures are expected to remain high at the start, with Perth hitting 30C on Friday and 28C on Saturday – but falling to 22C on Sunday as cold air rises from the south.

South Australia

Good Friday looks pretty steady and warm for SA, but clouds and showers are expected to form late Saturday as the front pulls in.

Wet and cloudy conditions are expected to continue through Sunday.

Easter Campfire
Watching the Murray River in front of a campfire is part of the Riverland Easter tradition.(Provided: Narelle Jeffery)

“So this is likely to impact Adelaide with mostly partly cloudy conditions, maybe some shower activity,” Ms Bradbury said.

“But it shouldn’t be too heavy. It doesn’t look like a severe, severe weather threshold at this point.”

So the Easter Bunny might have to get the spray jacket out on SA, but at least the eggs probably won’t get swept away.

For those camping along the Murray in the Riverland, Friday through Sunday the weather is expected to be partly cloudy with highs of 28C, 27C and 30C and lows in the low to mid-teens.


Southern Vic should have a few showers on Friday, easing on Saturday, before the front spreads properly overnight Sunday into Monday.

The Twelve Apostles, large chunks of rock sticking out of the blue ocean.
Pack the spray jacket if you plan on hiking along the Great Ocean Road over Easter.(Andrew Gray: ABC TV)

“So fingers crossed we’ll see some sunshine on Easter Sunday, but at the very least it should be a fairly balmy day,” Ms Bradbury said.

For anyone spending Easter on the Great Ocean Road in Port Campbell, Friday should be highs of 20C, Saturday 19C and Sunday 23C, with showers possible throughout.

We don’t really expect it to cool down until Monday.


Tas expects similar conditions in Vic, just the usual bit cooler.

“The coolest air will be across Vic and Tasmania on Monday,” Ms Bradbury said.

“So a pretty cool day and a rainy day for Easter Monday for the more southeastern states.

Hiker with pack walks on slatted trail, blue sky, mountains on either side.
Let’s be honest, Tasmania is not the place for a scorching Easter holiday.(Pixabay: pen_ash)

“But hopefully there will be a bit more sunshine earlier on the Easter weekend there.”

For anyone venturing to hike the Overland Track or Cradle Mountain over Easter, showers are expected Friday through Sunday with predictable temperatures.

The forecast for Friday is 9-13C, Saturday 7-12C and Sunday 7-14C, with the cold change expected on Monday.

New South Wales

The NSW coast is obviously recovering from a lot of wild weather over the past few weeks and months, but at this stage the Easter period shouldn’t add to the woes.

“The east coast, including the Sydney coast region, looks largely pretty stable for most of the weekend,” Ms Bradbury said.

“So that’s good news, especially with the recovery efforts going on there.”

Isolated shower activity is expected, particularly later in the weekend, but it shouldn’t be enough to dampen spirits.

“So for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday we might see a bit of shower activity, but also quite a bit of sunshine is expected during this time,” Ms Bradbury said.

a three-pronged rock formation in green mountain ranges
It looks like a nice Easter break in the Blue Mountains.(ABC News: Ross Byrne)

Generally warm and mild temperatures are expected for most of the weekend for NSW, but by the end of the weekend this cold front should start to sweep through and cool things down.

“Easter Monday is even looking quite balmy still for Sydney and for the Central Coast, but is starting to see that cooler air pushing in late Monday through Tuesday, most likely,” Ms Bradbury said.

For those venturing into the Blue Mountains over the Easter holiday, Katoomba expects overnight lows of 8°C and daytime highs of 18-19°C Friday through Sunday.


For those seeking thrills at the Gold Coast theme parks or at the beach on the Sunshine Coast, the weather should be fine in most cases.

The effects of the front are unlikely to reach Queensland by the end of the weekend.

But Ms Bradbury reported that the overland flow was still pushing isolated showers onto the Queensland coast, although at the moment the rainfall total did not appear to be too intense.

Temperatures are expected to remain warm through the weekend, with highs on the Gold Coast expected to be in the mid-twenties.

An aerial shot of the Surfers Paradise skyline, buildings and beach
Those looking for a hot break on the Gold Coast may face a few showers, but temperatures are expected to rise into the mid-20s.(ABC Gold Coast: Dominic Cansdale )

“The tropical north might see a bit more like they usually always do,” she said.

“But even then, the rainfall figures at this point don’t look outrageous for this part of Queensland.”

Also staying warm in the tropics, Cairns is expected to hit 30C from Friday to Sunday.

North territory

Like tropical Queensland, the northern NT is also largely out of range of the front.

The northern tropics are still in rainy season mode, so showers and storms are usually on the way.

“At this stage, nothing particularly significant stands out, but it could be a bit of showers and patchy thunderstorms over the Easter weekend,” Ms Bradbury said.

“But it should stay warm enough throughout.”

A photograph of Uluru during the day.
Conditions appear relatively stable in the center over Easter, but the cool change should kick in early next week.(ABC News: Neda Vanovac)

In the red center, things generally seem warm and calm for most of the weekend.

“It will be quite hot, particularly on Friday and Saturday and early Sunday,” Ms Bradbury said.

“But by Monday, the influence of that cold front should hopefully be felt and there will be milder conditions moving through those inland places.”

For anyone making an Easter Odyssey to Uluru, highs should be in the mid-to-30s, and lows at or just below 20°C Friday through Sunday – with very little chance of rain.