Hiking tips

Experts offer safety tips for hiking as warm temperatures approach

As the temperatures warm, more and more people are heading to the many trails the Central Coast has to offer.

Sarah Reed says she often hikes Cerro San Luis, but never forgets her hiking essentials like water to ensure a safe hiking experience for both her dog, Macy, and for herself.

“I always bring water for her, she is very heat sensitive so I always carry water for her on my fanny pack and have a collapsible dog water bowl,” said Reed.

Water isn’t the only thing you need to bring on your hike. CAL FIRE public information officer Toni Davis said bringing sunscreen, a flashlight and proper footwear should also be on the list.

“Another do and always do is if you are planning on hiking and going on your own, let someone know before you go. I’m going here then, and I should be back by then, and if I’m not, please pick me up,” Davis said.

Davis also said knowing what the hiking trail is like is key.

“A lot of these trails have a map, a designated information board and we all have a cell phone screen shot on that map, take a picture of that map that way if you go on another trail you know where you’re going,” Davis said. .

Staying on clearly marked trails will only keep you safer.

“It’s going to keep you safer because we have wildlife there. We have snakes, there could be mountain lions, there could be bobcats. It’s their natural habitat and we visit it,” Davis said.