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Florida gay man ‘blinded by his ex’s family’ thought he was going to die

A Florida man who claimed he was brutally beaten and left permanently blind by his ex-boyfriend’s family says he thought he was going to die during the assault, according to a new report.

The unidentified victim, 31, told WSVN-TV in an interview this week that her beau, 21-year-old Oleh Makarenko, told her his parents learned of their relationship and were furious.

During a two-week relationship hiatus, prosecutors say, Oleh and his parents, Inna Makarenko, 44, and Yevhen Makarenko, 43, showed up at the victim’s Pompano Beach home in August.

The victim said Oleh turned on him and joined his parents in the attack.

“I thought I was going to die and there was no way I was going to get out of there alive,” the man – now permanently blind – told the outlet.

Inna and Yevhen Makarenko, who accused the victim of turning their son gay, face charges of attempted murder with their child, prosecutors say.

Oleh Makarenko (right) reportedly joined his father, Yevhen, in assaulting her ex-boyfriend.
WPLG Local 10
Evhen Makarenko
Yevhen Makarenko allegedly beat the victim until he was blinded.
Broward County Sheriff‘s Office
Oleh Makarenko
Oleh Makarenko and his family are all charged with hate crimes for the attack.
Broward County Sheriff’s Office

“[Oleh] was a little scared of his family or very scared of his family, the victim told authorities, according to the outlet. “He was telling me that his father treated him like he wasn’t even his child, that his mother was trying to force him to marry a girl, and I’m quoting what his mother told him. She wanted… the force to marry a girl to ‘take all that [expletive] out of his head.

Oleh, whom he called Alex, and the parents confronted him before the assault.

“Alex told me he hated me, and I said [his parents], like, ‘Unfortunately, whatever you do won’t change the fact that your son is gay. I’m sorry, but your son is gay,” he recalled.

Vladislav Makarenko
Vladyslav Makarenko is accused of beating the victim until he was blind.
Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Inna Makarenko
Inna Makarenko is accused, along with her family, of having beaten a homosexual until he became blind.
Broward County Sheriff’s Office
Oleh Makarenko's mother, Inna, appears in a South Florida court.
Inna Makarenko claimed that the victim made her son homosexual.
WPLG Local 10

The man first told authorities he had been seriously injured after falling during a drunken episode before later recovering his memory of the event and filing a complaint.

The Makarenkos have all pleaded not guilty and their attorneys deny involvement in any attack.