Hiking events

Hike the Canol Trail this summer with Norman Yakeleya

File photo by Norman Yakeleya. (Francis Tessier-Burns/CKLB).

Hiking the Canol trail is again in July in the Sahtu. Norman Yakeleya does the hike every year, although he tells himself at the end of the hike every year that he won’t do it again looking at the four or five nails he lost from the hike.

That said, the Canol Trail Hike is an annual event organized by Sahtu people with the help of Norman Yakeleya.

“It’s a 50 mile hike with 50 pound backpacks on the back and of course it’s in God’s Country, the Canol Heritage Trail”

The trip begins in Norman Wells where community organizers have gathered all the gear and food needed for the long trek. This is also where they welcome young people who have been selected to participate in the Canol Trail Hike. The crew spends a few days training the youngsters in first aid and getting them ready for the hike by making sure they are wearing proper shoes and adjusting their 50-pound backpacks that they will need to carry on the hike.

This year’s ride begins at mile 50 and continues to mile 25 and then finally to mile 0. This year, organizers have set up a seniors camp where youngsters can ask questions and learn more about the lands on which they hike and camp.

CKLB Radio spoke with Norman Yakeleya from the Canol Trail Hike.