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Hike with Grandma Beth: Old Forge resident shares coverage of Nelson Falls spring hike –

Building on our recent article about an Old Forge grandmother, Beth Pashley, an avid hiker and talented photographer, The Adirondack Almanack will feature excerpts from Pashley’s hiking adventures throughout the year, including her photographs visually striking and artistic in nature. Pashley was inspired to embrace the great outdoors with her grandchildren from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, dubbing the family bonding time as “The Grandma Chronicles.”

Pashley’s most recent hiking excursion was at Nelson Falls mid-morning on Sunday, April 10. Pashley said the Nelson Falls hike was one of his favorites, not only for its beauty, relaxing and tranquil setting, but also for its nostalgic appeal. . Pashley said she has fond memories of hiking the trail as a family more than 30 years ago when her children were small.

“I would say it’s that easy,” Pashley said. “I didn’t take the trail to Nelson Lake, but backtracked and walked the tracks a bit instead. I hiked several times to the lake and there is a nice lean-to just before you get to the lake.

Since April 10 was a snow day, Pashley said she opted only for the falls (waterfalls) and a railroad ride.

“In the spring, with snow runoff (and probably the floodgates also open at the dam on the Fulton chain of lakes), the falls are best,” Pashley said. “They were raging on Sunday!”

Curious minds should know that Pashley considers the Nelson Falls hike to be quite obscure. Although she knows the trail very well, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location and provide hiking directions to other hikers via the internet, according to Pashley.

“Most of the information available is for the much longer trail from Lake Nick’s to Lake Nelson,” she said. “[However,] there is a DEC sign and a trail on [State] Route 28 about 6 miles south of Thendara is where I entered.

Nelson Falls is located on the middle arm of the Moose River. Find more information here: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose_River_(New_York))

Top photo: Old Forge resident Beth Pashley at Cascade Mountain in 2021.

*The photos of two small camps near the train tracks are located on private property, so these photos were taken from the train tracks.

All photos were taken by Beth Pashley.

*Photo taken April 14 by Beth Pashley.