Hiking events

Hiking for medical students

Islamabad: As part of its extracurricular week, Islamabad Medical and Dental College (IMDC), in collaboration with Dr Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital, organized a hiking event on Margalla III hiking trail in Islamabad, reports A press release.

A large number of students and faculty members in medicine, dentistry, health sciences and nursing participated in the ride event with great zeal and enthusiasm. IMDC and ANTH senior management and staff members were present at the opening ceremony to encourage the students. IMDC Director General Yasir Niazi and IMDC Dean Syed Shoaib Hussain Shah said on the occasion that the college, affiliated with Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University, organizes extra curricular activities every year and ‘it is dedicated to providing a healthy environment for its students alongside educating those aspiring physicians who would serve the community by inculcating values ​​of professionalism, lifelong learning, scholarly pursuits, competent practice of medicine and research ethics.

Imran Ali Ghouri, Head of Communications and Media Cell at IMDC, told the media that IMDC organizes Sports Week every year to motivate students to participate in various extracurricular activities to be mentally fit. and physically, adding that “it also helps IMDC and ANTH to raise awareness in society about adopting a healthy lifestyle. After-school activities will take place throughout the coming week until March 20, 2022 and will include sports such as cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis as well as fun fairs and arts, quizzes, debates and poetry competitions.