Hiking events

Hiking is my therapy Fundraising ends

The Hiking Is My Therapy charity fundraising events have ended. This year’s hikes ended with the Gordon Creek and Buried Forest Concretions trails.

Kathy Sherman of the Price City Health and Wellness Committee explained that funds raised from this event will be donated to various charity representatives at the Price City Council meeting on Wednesday, November 9.

Congratulations were given to Mikaleen Mellor, Natasha Hansen, Silas Hansen, Michele Gabb, Kathy Sherman and Justin Sherman for completing all ten tracks. They will receive a gift from the Price City Health and Wellness Committee for their persistent efforts.

Sherman also wanted to thank those who participated in The Hike Is My Therapy fundraising events. “Your giving spirit makes a difference, Sherman said. “Thanks to your involvement, we were able to raise much needed funds for six deserving charities.”

Charities that will benefit from these efforts include The Cure Starts Now, Second Chance Wildlife, the HOPE Squad of Carbon, Emery and Grand Counties, the Carbon/Emery Children’s Justice Center, and Fuel Cards for Cancer Patients.

“I am very pleased to say that in ending my 12-year involvement with the Price City Health and Wellness Committee, Giving Back to Others ends my position as a committee member on a positive note,” Sherman said.