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May 2022: here’s what’s new and gay on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock and Showtime

It will be in May and that means there will be new programming featuring queer women and otherwise identified LGBTQ+ people relevant to your interests all over TV!!! If you’re wondering what gay, lesbian, and bisexual TV shows and movies are coming to Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime, and Peacock, you’ve come to exactly the right place to find out!

Netflix’s New LGBTQ+ Content for May 2022

Summertime: Season 3 – May 4

Lesbian character Sofia will be back for the final season of this Italian drama in which everyone has beautiful fair skin and the weather is always sunny and there’s the beach and the music!

The Circle: Season 4 Premiere – May 4

This season promises more twists and also heavily hints at the possibility of an appearance by the actual Spice Girls?? More importantly, we have at least one confirmed queer woman – influencer/Harlem Globetrotter Crissa Jackson is in the cast.

Welcome to Eden: Season 1 – May 6

This Spanish thriller sees four hot, young and “socially active” people tempted to attend an exclusive party on a secret island where things don’t go as planned – they get embroiled in a kind of experiment of sectarian and highly monitored human life is played out. Plus, there are girls in bikinis kissing in the trailer, so…

New Heights: Season 1 – May 13

This Swiss TV show (original title: Neumat) is billed as an “LGBT series”, but I don’t speak any of the languages ​​the trailers are available in, so in addition to knowing that the main man is definitely gay, I’m sure of no gay ladies! One of the women in the trailer is a farmer, who looks gay, and the other has really short hair and puts on makeup in a mirror sad while having some sort of nervous breakdown, who also looks gay?

tuly (2018) – May 16

Following the friendship that develops between a pregnant mother of two and her night-time nanny (played by Mackenzie Davis), Diablo Cody’s Tully stars Charlize Theron as the aforementioned mother who is bisexual despite her bisexuality. is not central to the film’s plot, she is bisexual.

Stranger Things Volume 4: Part One – May 27

There will be a big leap in season 4 of Netflix’s most robust investment, stranger thingswhich will also revive Steve’s team, lesbian character Robin and Dustin.

Hulu Queer and Lesbian Articles for May 2022

Grandmother (2015) – May 1

Lily Tomlin as Elle, a lesbian poet who is visited by her teenage granddaughter who needs an abortion but can’t afford it, sending the duo all day fundraising. intermediary of Elle’s friends and exes.

Save face (2004) – May 1

One of the best lesbian films of all time, this sweet romantic comedy from Alice Wu follows a Chinese-American surgeon and a ballerina who are very different and yet, if you can believe it, fall in love!

Daytime Divas (Vh1): Complete Series – May 2

This little series only lasted one full season in 2017 and was based on Star Jones’ memoir from his time on View – we liked it for its bisexual character Kibby (who was clearly inspired by Lindsay Lohan) and possibly the band’s Elisabeth Hassleback, Heather, struggling with her child coming out as a trans girl.

Conversations with Friends: Complete Limited Series – May 15

The Hulu series based on the novel by Sally Rooney “ follows a set of angsty Irish millennials caught up in complicated romantic and class dynamics. It centers on Frances, a 21-year-old college student, whose ex-girlfriend Bobbi (Sasha Lane) is still her best friend with whom she shares all her feelings and performs poetry. At a show they meet Melissa (Jemima Kirke) and her husband Nick – Bobbi has an open crush on Melissa while Frances’ feelings for Nick lead to an intense secret affair – her first with a man.

Queen Sugar: Complete Season 6 (clean)

The penultimate season of Queen Sugar addressed the impact of COVID on her community as Nova continued to face police harassment and abuse as she continued to expose political corruption in her community.

LGBTQ content of interest from HBO Max in May 2022

The purple color (1985) – May 1st

Alice Walker’s epistolary novel has been de-gayed for this smash hit adaptation from Steven Spielberg starring Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, Rae Dawn Chong and Whoopi Goldberg. Goldberg plays Celie, a teenage girl from rural Georgia with an abusive family who falls in love with showgirl Shug Avery, her husband’s mistress whom Celie nurses back to health.

Frida (2022) – May 1

Salma Hayek has been nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Mexican surrealist artist Frida Kahlo in this biopic that mainly focuses on her relationship with her husband Diego Rivera. Bisexual Kahlo has many affairs with women including Josephine Baker (Karine Plantadit-Bageot) and Tina Modotti (Ashley Judd), who also had an affair with Diego!

hacksMax Original season 2 premiere – May 12

Deborah Vance and her bisexual accomplice Ava Daniels hit the road with Deborah’s new stand-up act. This was one of the best shows of the last year and we just can’t wait for more!! And yes, this time we are going to write about it because I finally convinced everyone to watch it.

Legendary: Season 3 premiere – May 19

Beloved bisexual Keke Palmer takes over from Megan Thee Stallion as judge for this ballroom competition series, alongside Jameela Jamil, Leiomy Maladonado and Law Roach.

May 2022 Amazon Prime Video Queer Women

Tangerine (2015) – May 1

The legendary film shot on an iPhone tells the story of a trans sex worker who gets out of prison, immediately meets her friend (and fellow sex worker) Alexandra, and then discovers that her boyfriend/pimp is cheating on her. They set out to find him on Christmas Eve.

The Wilds: Season 2 – May 6

This program has made a choice for its second season that zaps some of its original appeal – they’ve added boys to a cast that was all girls! Another group of teenagers (boys) will also find themselves stranded on an island after passing out on a plane that would have taken them to a special retreat. But our girls will still be there and will also meet friends, including our OTP Toni and Shelby!

Lovestruck High: Season 1 – May 18

This reality TV show narrated by esteemed bicon Lindsay Lohan brings together a group of single adults in a fake high school situation for “a full tenure of love, lust, and drama.” It seems to have a fair amount of queer people in it, so I’m really excited for this one because we haven’t had anything like this since Are You The One Season 8! Somehow, categorizations like jocks, queen bees, nerds, etc. will be… involved? IDK, I’m really excited.

Kick like Tayla (2022) – May 27

This documentary focuses on Tayla Harris, an Australian athlete who is both a successful boxer and a competitive NAB AFL women’s player for the Carlton Football Club. impacts of social media, cyberbullying and sexism. Maybe also at some point they will mention that she is gay!

Peacock’s Queer, Lesbian and Bisexual Content May 2022

Milk (2008) – May 1

This biopic about the life of activist Harvey Milk that made me cry like a baby features Alison Pill as bisexual activist Anne Kronenberg

Girls5Eva: Season 2 Premiere – May 5

In Season 2, the ladies will attempt to record a full album together on their own terms. Paula Pell returns as Gloria and she is making out with another woman on a couch in the trailer, so. The first three episodes debut May 5.

Showtime’s Queer Women of May 2022

Couples Therapy Season 3 Premiere – May 13

A lesbian couple are among those receiving therapy this season when a mother of two must learn to hear her partner’s pleas for help or risk losing her altogether.

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