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Prescott Valley will develop a new hiking trail

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In 2021, Prescott Valley City Council adopted a new strategic plan to help set the vision for future improvements to operations and capital planning. One of the highlights of the quality of life goal was to “improve 20% of the city’s connectivity infrastructure to include sidewalks, walking and cycling paths, and trails within five years.”

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A team of representatives from several City departments, including general management, community services, public works and the police, met monthly to identify projects that would help achieve this goal.

One project that immediately began to materialize was the creation of a new footpath on Glassford Hill. The town already has a very popular trail on the east side of the hill that crosses near the cone of this extinct volcano and offers spectacular views of the Prescott Valley. The city also has approximately 150 acres of open space on the south side of Glassford Hill above Home Depot.

On January 27, the team hiked the property and designed a nearly four-mile loop trail. Ultimately, we’d like this new trail to connect with the existing trail, providing multiple spots to enjoy the views from Glassford Hill.

Prescott Valley has also worked with Prescott to one day connect all of these trails, much like the Iron King and Peavine trails connect the two communities.

The City is planning a community trail building event on Saturday, April 23 at 8 a.m. to begin construction of this trail. All interested residents are invited to join us for this “avant-garde” event!

For more information, please contact Community Services at 928-759-3090.

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