Hiking events

Raising awareness of Dhofar’s rare baobabs through a hike

Muscat – The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, in cooperation with Ard Alloban – a group of hikers – recently organized a hike in Dhofar Governorate to raise awareness of giant baobab trees and promote tourist sites.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Mandhar Nasser al Zaheen, leader of Ard Alloban, informed that the 1.2 km trek started at 3 p.m. in Wadi Hasheer in Mirbat wilayat with the participation of 45 trekkers.

“The giant baobabs are over 300 years old. Some trees are over 20m in circumference, Zaheen said.

According to the hiker, such events help participants explore varied terrain, including mountainous ones, and encourage the culture of fitness in people.

Ard Alloban – or country of incense – was created in September 2017 and currently has 234 members. To date, he has organized more than 170 treks in Dhofar. The group is keen to promote Oman’s tourism potential through its activities.

“We organize many hikes throughout the year. Participants cross plains, wadis and mountains. We have chosen unexplored sites in Dhofar for most of the events. Ard Alloban also organizes clean-up campaigns and mountaineering events,” said Zaheen.

Group activities involve elaborate planning. Locations are chosen after much deliberation and research. An advanced team is sent to study the site and the weather conditions. “We are also careful when deciding how many people can be taken on a particular trip,” Zaheen said.

Ard Alloban will organize the fourth in a series of 60 km challenges launched from Salalah to the wilayat of Thumrait in the coming days, which Zaheen urged citizens and residents to join.