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Western fashion tips for early morning and all day jackpots

Many people see the glitz and glamor of western fashion, but we rodeo wives, girlfriends, mothers and daughters know there is a much less glamorous side, where to dress in fringe and sequins, that we all love, just isn’t in the cards.

Cowboy Lifestyle Network spoke to several Western fashion influencers about how they incorporate style into comfortable and practical outfits for hot, cold, windy all-day jackpots or early morning pants. Here are the tips they had for us!

Brianna Bigbee

Instagram | @thebleacherbabe

Western influencer, founder of “The Bleacher Babe”, owner of “Cosmopolitan Cowgirl”, wife of Team Roper Cole Bigbee and Cowboy Mom

Comfortable jeans

“Sitting all day in the stands requires comfortable jeans. I bought this outfit from Savannah7s. I paired my boyfriend jeans with a fitted t-shirt, jewelry and cute shoes to dress it up! The perfect way to look dressed up while being able to move around.


“This combination of Double D RanchWear paired with my Vans, it’s a super easy outfit. He doesn’t need anything extra to dress him up, and it’s a complete outfit that doesn’t take up too much room in the horse trailer.

Faux leather leggings

“My favorite outfit of all time! Spanx, every girl should own a pair. These faux leather leggings are super cute with anything. I went with a Double D RanchWear jacket from Sparkling Spur, Chelsea Collette Collections jewelry, a white t-shirt and Vans. Simple, functional and cute!

Graphic Tees and Vans

“I love pairing fun western t-shirts with my Vans! Being a mom of a toddler, I need functional outfits to keep up with it.

Jena Knowles

Instagram | @jena.knowles

Western influencer, rancher, wife of steer wrestler Trevor Knowles and cowgirl mom


“Keep it casual and comfortable, especially if it’s an all-day event!” I like to add small turquoise jewels, a belt and trendy shoes – which often consist of tooled leather sandals, or I also like Ariat Fuse tennis shoes with fun prints.

Corresponding to

“Have fun and match your kid! When it’s 95 degrees outside, the last thing on my mind is being cute. Here, I just donned matching caps and t-shirts, and we were all ready!”

Marijka Hunsaker

Instagram | @marijka_dam

Western Influencer, Independent Model, Content Creator, Modest Western Fashion Advocate

Jackets at your fingertips

“Summer rodeos and fairs can be the hottest days, but when the sun goes down the temperature drops too. Bring a jacket and leave it in the truck. It’s hard to justify jackets in the summer, but I promise to have a back-up diaper somewhere nearby as the night rolls by will be your saving grace!

Handbags vs Wallets

“I like a big western purse. I like to fill it with stuff I never use on the go, and I like to carry it around. After all, it probably ties my whole look together. Inside every large purse I have, I have a small purse or small wallet that holds my essentials like a credit card and ID After walking and waiting, this large bag Purse gets heavy so I always recommend having a small wallet or mini purse. Put your big purse back in the truck and just carry the little thing. It will save your shoulder in the long run!

Cowboy hats and caps

“I have hair extensions, so wearing a cowboy hat occasionally all day is starting to hurt my head. I like to keep a cap handy to change from my cowboy hat. I I have very bad hair, so going without is not an option, but a baseball cap can hide the mess and provide some relief.

Quincy Eldridge

Instagram | @rodeoquinerie

Western influencer, owner of “Rodeo Quincy”, wife of Steer Wrestler Dakota Eldridge, cowgirl mother

cowboy boots

“A cute pair of boots can make me feel on top of the world! I love a bit of heel and tradition mixed with some sparkle to grab attention and keep things fun on your feet.

Long sleeve buttons

“I rarely go anywhere without a few good button up long sleeve shirts. They’re both super flattering on any body type and give you that classic cowboy look.

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