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10 beginner tips for hindsight

Hindsight is a point-and-click game that explores the life of Mary as she revisits her mother’s house. Hindsight’s story is guided by a calming narrative that captures a girl’s insights as she matures into a beautiful woman. people can pick up Hindsight for a deeply nostalgic journey into Marie’s life as she struggles to find meaning in her life.

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Developed by Annapurna Interactive, Hindsight has a unique visual design that gives the game a warmer tone. Players can interact with various physical objects in Hindsight to reveal a sincere remembrance of Mary. The indie game offers a dramatic perspective on Mary’s journey from birth to day in a short, simple game. Take a look at these beginner tips to improve the experience of Hindsight.


ten One step after another

Mary’s journey can be endearing for indie fans. The point-and-click game has an enchanting narrative that can dissolve the sense of time. People can get a glimpse of Mary from being a toddler who depends on her mother and father for her well-being to becoming an adult in the real world.

Players can click on the orange house in the hospital to see the memory of Mary moving into a new house. People can circle the camera around the back of the orange house in the delivery room to access the memory of entering the house. Objects that can be interacted with in the hospital are placed in front of the window.

9 Move objects on the mat

Mary is adorable as a toddler. After entering the new home, people can see a frame with Mary’s mother holding the baby in her arms. Players can move the boxes behind the toddler to reveal a box with Mary’s name written on it. Use scissors to open the box and enter the toddler’s room.

The toddler’s room is simple and clean. It has a cradle with Mary playing inside, a foldable chair, a dressing table and a rug with several objects to interact with. Move the teddy bear, alphabet blocks and stacking ring toy away from the mat surface to access the next memory.

8 Collect the green pendant

Mary’s mother is a particularly important character in Hindsight. She constantly cares for Mary and expresses concern for her child throughout the game. People may notice Mary’s mother wearing a green pendant. It can be seen on the mother as the toddler crawls towards the cupcake with the candle.

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People can click on the candle wick to enter the kitchen. Mary’s mother can be seen yelling at the little girl. Click on the green pendant in the kitchen to access a memory of Mary holding the necklace in her hand.

seven Bloom into a butterfly

Butterflies flit around the screen in different frames of the game. Looking back allows players to see Mary around the butterflies as a girl growing up and as an adult. Players can often click on butterflies to enter a new memory

Mary can be seen sitting on the porch of her mother’s house, reminiscing about her time with her as she grew up around the house. Click on the butterfly on the porch to reveal a sweet memory of Mary staring into an open-air cocoon with innocent eyes. Pan around the cocoon and click on it to catch Mary hiking with her mother and father. Players can click on the butterflies after chasing them on the hiking trail.

6 Draw using the droplets on the window

After interacting with the colorful butterflies in the wild, people can watch Mary dance in the rain outside her house. Click on the puddle on the ground to enter his house. Inside the house, Mary can be seen watching the world while the rain falls outside.

Zoom into the sign with the water droplets on the window. There are several water droplets scattered on the window glass inside the house. Bring the droplets closer to each other to form a vibrant image of Mary on her bicycle. Click on the picture once it is completed to enter the next memory in the game.

5 Clear the clouds in the sky

Hindsight’s narrative focuses on the simple joys of life. Mary can be seen playing in the front yard while her mother finishes gardening around the house. Rotate the camera around Mary to find a flower in her hand. Shake the flower until it gets rid of the petals in blue umbrellas.

Once the flower petals are evenly distributed across the screen, players are transported to a starry night. Mary and her mother are mesmerized by the beauty of nature as they gaze up at the night sky. Click on the clouds and move them away of the Moon to reveal a memory of Mary standing on top of a building.

4 Find the bird on the oak

Oak is an important part of the history of Hindsight. It is a pillar of strength that is placed just outside the house in the game. Mary can be seen swinging on a tire attached to the oak tree. It can be fun to catch multiple instances of Mary smiling as she rocks on the tire with no care in the world.

RELATED: The Best Puzzle Games On Steam That Deserve More AttentionThe next panel shows Mary reaching out to catch a blade of grass flying in the wind. Pan the camera over the blade of grass to reveal a memory of Mary climbing the oak tree in front of her house. people can find a bright yellow bird motionless at the top of the oak tree.

3 Play the piano without hesitation

The piano is one of the oldest objects in the house. Mary reveals that her mother owned the piano before she was born. Her mother taught herself to play the piano, and the game encourages people to try their hand at the musical instrument.

When adult Mary sits in front of the piano, players can press the key in the center of the piano. The camera will start moving closer to the key each time the player presses the key. Playing this key three times in a row will bring the player back to a memory of Mary as a child. In this panel, players can freely practice playing the piano without any hesitation to crash.

2 Wipe the dust from the glass

Mary often has to do chores around the house. These activities remind Mary of the time spent with her deceased mother. Many of these tasks help people get a better perspective of what’s going on beneath the surface of Mary’s life.

Throughout the game, players must perform simple tasks to clean the house. Wiping down the glass inside the house with a rag and window cleaner reveals intricate details about what is missing in Mary’s life after her mother dies. This is like wiping the dust from the player’s eyes.

1 Stay safe on the beach

One of the coolest places in Hindsight is the beach. Mary can be seen having a field day in the sun by the beach. She builds castles in the sand with her father and tries to bathe in the waters. Her mother warns her not to go too far into the depths, but Mary ignores her mother’s advice and ventures into the sea.

Minutes later, Mary’s father calls the lifeguard to save Mary from the depths of the sea. An embarrassed Mary reconsiders her actions after risking her life in the sea. cannot be rebuilt.

Released August 4, 2022, Hindsight can be played on PC, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

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