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5 Beginner Tips to Increase Headshot Percentage in Free Fire MAX (March 2022)

Beginners in Free Fire MAX tend to be rusty when it comes to landing headshots. Given the various dynamics at play, it is not easy to achieve the same result. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help improve the situation.

Although these tips and tricks will not help the player to become a sniper in the game but they will easily work the player to land some headshots. This will give them a huge combat advantage when going up against other newbies in battle.

Ways to Increase Headshot Percentage in Free Fire MAX

5) Train in training mode

As a beginner trying to master headshots in Free Fire MAX, the best place to do so is in practice mode. Although real targets are better because they provide more momentum, training dummies are safer.

Players can test out the many weapons available in the game and see how they perform in combat situations. This will help the player learn the basics of headshots in the game.

4) Master the quick reach technique

Aiming to shoot targets allows the player to be more accurate in combat. They can clearly see their long-range targets and focus their shots exactly where they want them.

To improve the carrying technique, players can practice the fast carrying. Rather than being targeted after the first shot, they must locate themselves after the shot and repeat the process. This technique mitigates recoil and gives the user a wider field of view while shooting.

3) Use low recoil weapons

There are many weapons to choose from in Free Fire MAX. However, when it comes to headshots, players should choose weapons with the least amount of recoil.

In intense combat situations, this will allow them to sustain fire for longer periods. The only alternative to low recoil weapons is to fire in burst mode or single shots.

2) Don’t rush the learning process

Most Free Fire MAX pros can quickly aim and headshot a moving target with ease. Many beginners tend to watch these gameplay videos and try to imitate them. Unfortunately, they will continue to miss their shots.

To learn how to land headshots, players must be patient. It takes a lot of time and practice. They must first master the body shots on the landing while being regularly framed. Gradually they will be able to effortlessly pan and aim for the head.

1) Wait for the target to stop moving

One of the best ways to increase the percentage of headshots in Free Fire MAX is to shoot stationary targets. This will allow the player to execute the perfect shot without too much effort.

Unfortunately, such opportunities rarely occur during a game. However, they are good stepping stones to becoming proficient in combat. Gradually, players will gain the confidence to shoot at walking or sprinting targets.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author only.

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