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Add this creepy, abandoned mental hospital in WA to your hiking list

The scary factor in Washington State is staggering!

I don’t know why, but ever since I researched the history of Starvation Heights, I’ve been obsessed with old abandoned institutions that may or may not be haunted. In the case of Starvation Heights, Dr. Linda Hazard starved her patients to death in her “sanitarium” in Olalla, WA. I found another scary place to visit.

The Upstate Washington Psychiatric Hospital opened in May 1912.



From the Washington Trail Association:

The hospital site included patient and staff accommodation, a water reservoir, a sewage system, a sawmill, a quarry, a steam plant, a greenhouse, canning facilities, a gymnasium, library, laundry, dining hall, bakery, dairy and 700 acre farm for cultivation. vegetables and livestock farming. A cemetery was also included in the site plan.

At one point, 2,700 patients lived at the facility, near Sedro-Woolley.

It was in the 1950s. Doctors at the asylum were known to perform electroshock and lobotomies. Not all patients were mentally ill. People admitted as patients often suffered from common problems, such as depression, post-menopausal syndrome or alcoholism.

The Northern State Psychiatric Hospital is haunted.

People who visit vacant buildings report that they felt watched. They sometimes heard strange voices. Some claim to have seen strange shadows in the cemetery. And, some say they saw a young girl with a red balloon, and a man chasing her. They also reported seeing the girl in the cemetery.

Thousands of patients have died at Northern State Hospital For The Insane.

Most of the bodies were never claimed by the family, so some bodies were cremated in a furnace. The remains of hundreds of cremated patients were found stored in tin cans. Most of the patients were buried in a plot on the ground.

The Northern State Hospital for the Criminally Insane closed in 1976 after funding was cut by the Washington state legislature.

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