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Beginner Tips For Path Of Titans

With the recent release of Path of the Titans On Xbox and PlayStation, console dinosaur fanatics finally got to join the prehistoric MMORPG of the Great Lizard. The game asks players to grow their chosen dinosaur from newborn to adult in a survival-based open-world experience.

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Growing up is a tough time, especially when it comes to eating or being eaten for our dinosaur friends. It can be quite daunting venturing into the vast land of Panjura for the first time, however, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make those first steps a little easier.

ten Course Dino Course

Picking that first dinosaur can be tricky, if players choose their favorite from jurassic world or maybe the nastiest looking one?

Well, one thing to keep in mind is that in Path of the Titans there is no fast travel. It’s true, dinosaurs needed to walk everywhere, and on an 8km by 8km map, there’s a lot of walking to do. When choosing the first dinosaur, make sure the stamina stat is high, the energy depletes quickly, and the dinosaurs don’t want to run out of steam when being chased by a ravenous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

9 Pay attention !

Lots of things can damage players on the prehistoric path to adulthood, other dinosaurs, forgetting to get air underwater and yes, falling.

It’s quite easy to wander along a path when suddenly a huge blob appears out of nowhere. The ideal would be not to test the evolution of dinosaurs yet. Falling from most heights above the player’s height will result in damage or, in the worst case, death. Pay attention to each step, as point loss and growth progress can hinder progress, and falling is very easy to do.

8 Eat in moderation

Good health advice says eat in moderation, that’s also true here. Unlike other survival games like Dread Hunger, there are no weather elements to fight, only food, water and other dinosaurs. Eating and drinking are really essential to survive in Path of the Titans but wait to be told to do so.

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Yes, players can eat anytime they feel the need for a supplement and can drink whenever the water meter drops. The trick to making counters advantageous is to wait for the on-screen prompt to eat or drink. Wait for that to happen, then fulfill the dinosaurs needs to be rewarded with 60 points and growth progress. Essential for reaching adulthood quickly, eating or drinking before the prompt will cause you to miss those rewards every time.

seven do not follow

The quests in the game are essential for success in raising dinosaurs. Completing them will earn you points and growth progress. Like any open-world game, taking on lots of quests is often the best way to level up quickly.

This is true in Path of the Titans too, and quests are easily traceable simultaneously. Having a lot of quests, however, can be confusing as to which one the player is heading towards. So the best advice is don’t follow them, yes, not following those more distant quests will allow for a clearer focus on the task at hand making things much more manageable.

6 Single player game

Path of the Titans is above all a game to be shared with others. Nothing else comes close to experiencing life in prehistoric times than roaming Panjura with up to 200 other players.

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Finding the right path in the huge plains and mountainous regions of the map can be difficult. Fortunately Path of the Titans has a single player option. It might not seem like the best choice in an MMORPG, but give it a try first, it allows for better range of terrain, learn the terrain and familiarize yourself with the moves and actions available.

5 To do things

The main objective for players of Path of the Titans is to grow selected dinos from newborn to adult. To get to a terrible fully grown lizard, it is necessary to fill the growth meter and progress through each stage.

The best way to reach a giant dino is to do quests and explore the map. Quests will reward players with growth and ratings, each essential to surviving the wilds of Panjura. Exploring the map, quite often tied to a timed quest, is another great option, as it unlocks new locations, as well as gains in growth bar progress.

4 Automatic Dino Mode

Players may therefore have realized that moving through Panjura takes time. Dinosaurs will have a stamina meter that drains as they run, some drain faster than others and should be watched carefully.

That said, running allows you to reach the quest or objective faster, and it can be made even easier. Autorun is a feature that allows the player to control the rotational movements of the dino, the game takes care of the rest. Players will travel a lot in Path of the Titans and autorun makes things much easier.

3 Spend wisely

Marks are the in-game currency in Path of the Titans, they can be used to buy a variety of things. Skins, abilities, and even cave decorations can be purchased with marks.

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It’s very tempting to make these dinosaurs look like the flashiest creature in the kingdom. Decorating the house cave to taste is another money sink, which for beginners is a waste. Instead, use marks to improve your abilities, being able to defend and attack in a fight is key to reaching the adult stages and having a nice cave won’t keep this Spinosaurus or other enemies at bay.

2 Quiet Please

One of the fun features of the game is the ability to use voice cues to communicate like a real dinosaur. From a menacing roar to an affectionate hiss, these options lend a great sense of realism to Path of the Titans dinosaur fun.

Before circling the woods, the blasting roars like an 18-wheeler on the highway, a word of caution. Other players will actively hunt, for fun. The easiest way to locate new prey is to run to stretch those vocal cords. So remember in the early stages to be aware of using vocal abilities and avoid being bitten.

1 better together

Now, a previous tip says to try a single player to learn the lay of the land. It’s the opposite, bring a friend.

Panjura can be a calm and serene place for like-minded dinosaur enthusiasts, but it can also be filled with angry dinosaurs looking for a piece.

Teaming up with a friend is a great way to dissuade Mr. T-Rex from making a lone wanderer his next meal. If players don’t have anyone to play with, try the chat feature and see if anyone is looking to group up. Safety in numbers dino buddies.

Path of the Titans is available now on PC, Android and iOS and will be released on July 27 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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