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Beyond bug fixes along the way

Oculus is announcing a number of upcoming hotfixes for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond following player reviews and feedback regarding the launch last week.

oculus respawn entertainment patch december 2020

This year has been particularly big for VR titles, with Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx winner of the Best VR/AR award at The Game Awards 2020 even stands out among titles such as Media Molecule’s dreams and Motive Studios’ Star Wars: Squadrons. Another highly anticipated VR game coming in December was Medal of Honor: Above and Beyondalthough its reception was poor due to some issues the development team plans to fix.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was announced in September 2019 as a collaborative project between Oculus and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, promising an “epic AAA experience” to revive a franchise that had been dormant since 2012. The game features a single-player campaign taking users across Europe during World War II, multiplayer modes, as well as ” powerful interviews with survivors and veterans of World War II.”


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While that promises a fair amount of content for the story-driven $60 VR game, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond currently has a “mixed” reception with 437 reviews on Steam, as players cite performance issues, a lack of features like smooth rotation, and more. Luckily for fans, Oculus Studios executive producer Mike Doran took to the r/oculus subreddit on December 11 to announce a first patch that should be coming to the game and addressing some of these issues “early in next week”.

Based on community feedback, Doran said the first patch will add smooth rotation, ensure that a victory screen does not appear between each level, immediately unlock gallery content for all players, and will fix “weapon grabbing issues” in quartermaster mode. There will also be an unannounced set of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, though it’s unclear at this time if any more additions will develop. Above and beyond170 GB of storage required for.

After the first patch went live, Doran said the team would be working on another patch, though he wouldn’t share specific details until the plan was “more concrete.” However, the developer discusses potential future fixes in the post and its comments, such as adding additional visual scaling options or optionally include an option to remove the player’s chest model when looking down.

When Reddit user Derekd23 asked if any optimization fixes would come with graphics options, Doran said these had the greatest potential to break the game and cause instability. “We’re trying to focus early patches on low-risk items that we can deploy quickly and safely,” Doran said. “Beyond that, we’ll see.” Hopefully the game’s impending first patch will help fans enjoy features like Medal of Honor: Above and Beyondis multiplayer and its historical documentaries all the more so.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is now available on PC.

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