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Dimples Romana grateful to have the means to let her daughter study abroad

Dimples Romana’s daughter Callie Ahmee will travel to Australia next year for her University diploma.

The 17-year-old social media personality will be studying aviation and is looking forward to this new adventure.

Callie told (Philippine Entertainment Portal): “I have the opportunity to study abroad and get feedback, especially from other people.

“I feel like it’s an experience I really need to be independent and learn to live with myself, even for a short time.”

Callie said adapting to a new environment would be “ok naman” as her mother Dimples and father Boyet Ahmee will be with her for the first few months.

Dimples joked, “A few months means two years! Just kidding.” spoke with Callie and Dimples at the virtual media event celebrating’s 25th anniversary.

When Dimples was asked about Callie’s decision to study abroad, she replied, “Siguro, I’ve always been the kind of parent who really lets my kids be.

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“How I really support everything they want to do, especially for Callie.

“Callie has been very reserved, very far from who I am. I really like to speak my mind and I’m very outgoing. Very outgoing.

“Si Callie Kasi has always been very reserved and yet very creative, and I saw that in her naman.

“Natutuwa lang ako that we have reached a compromise where she will be happy, we will also be happy. Happy to support her.

“All I really want is for my children to grow up knowing that they are loved, that their opinions are valued.

“It’s important to me that they are happy with the decisions they make because at the end of the day they will live with this decision that they make for themselves.

“Ako naman, nagpapasalamat lang ako sa Diyos that somehow we have the opportunity to get her to study where she wants to go.

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“Mas masaya ako. Napakasaya ko kasi Callie has truly grown up to be a beautiful lady.”

Callie also launched a online businesswhich she intends to direct from Australia.


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