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GOP Nevada Senate candidate Laxalt passes ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws

Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt has a long history of opposing civil rights for LGBTQ people.

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt passes Florida’s so-called “Parental Rights in Education” law, widely known as the “Don’t Say Gay” law. He said during an appearance on a right-wing podcast last week that banning the recognition of the existence of LGBTQ individuals and families in elementary schools was necessary to stop the “indoctrination” of children.

On March 31, Laxalt appeared on the “Breitbart News Daily Podcast” and was asked by host Alex Marlow about statements by the Walt Disney Company opposing the Florida law. In response, Laxalt criticized the entertainment company and praised Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing it.

I think what you’ve seen in the last few days, from Disney and the rest of the army of the woke left, is positive proof of why DeSantis brought this bill forward and why they needed this bill of law. I mean, why the hell are they fighting so hard to have the ability to indoctrinate kids from kindergarten to grade three? Why are they fighting — should I say — against this bill if not because they want to be able to indoctrinate young people of those ages? And so I can’t imagine there being more than – well, there can be hardly any parents who would actually support the indoctrination, by strangers, of their children in schools. And so even if there are 20% Americans, you can almost guarantee that none of them are parents, or parents yet. They’re just, you know, your classic coastal radical leftists. And so, you know, kudos to DeSantis for signing this bill and then going on the attack.

Laxalt tweeted a link to Friday’s interview, writing: “True democracy and true leadership stand against giant corporations on behalf of parents and children bullied by the rich and powerful. Few people do it better than @RonDeSantisFL.”

Legislation claimed by Laxalt seeks to end the ‘indoctrination’ of children that prohibits teachers and others in Florida schools from instruction in ‘sexual orientation or gender identity’ before the fourth grade that n is “not appropriate for the age or development of students in accordance with state standards. Educators say it could prevent them from talking about their personal lives or those of students from LGBTQ families.

Laxalt, who served as Nevada’s attorney general from 2015 to 2019 and unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2018, is the frontrunner in the Republican Senate primary. The winner will challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in November. Laxalt has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

A campaign spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for this story.

Laxalt has consistently opposed LGBTQ rights throughout his political career.

In 2010, he authored opinion pieces in conservative media against allowing American gays and lesbians to serve openly in the U.S. military. In an article published by the American Spectator on October 22, he said: “It is one thing for the army to ask its members to accept homosexuals, but quite another for the army to ask its members to accept and live with homosexuality, homosexuality. way of life.”

In an editorial published by the National Review, he said:

Thousands of years of cultural development have kept men from having sex with everything they see – and despite all the caveats, men still love having sex. We all know that. Which brings me to the relevance of this fact to the issue at hand: the military cannot tolerate sex in combat. The military also cannot tolerate the tensions that surround sexual or potential relationships.

In 2014, Laxalt endorsed and pledged to defend Nevada’s same-sex marriage ban, which was declared unconstitutional by a federal court on October 7 of that year.

As attorney general, he supported the right of anti-LGBTQ business owners to discriminate against same-sex couples and “conscience protections” to allow healthcare workers to discriminate against LGBTQ patients.

Polls show Laxalt is far from in tune with Nevada voters. A March national poll from the Institute for Research on Public Religion found the state had the fifth-highest level of public support in the nation for legal protections for LGBTQ people, with 85 percent of its adults in favor.

Cortez-Masto has always supported LGBTQ rights and has been endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign. She is a co-sponsor of the Equality Act, a bill that would add explicit sexual orientation and gender identity protections to existing federal non-discrimination laws.

“Since entering the Senate in 2017, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has proudly fought for LGBTQ+ equality and continues to be a strong advocate for the marginalized. The people of Nevada are blessed to have Senator Cortez Masto who fights on their behalf,” said HRC Acting President Joni Madison. in March.

In an email Tuesday, Andy Orellana, spokesman for Nevada Democratic Victory, a campaign organization working to elect Democrats in the state, lambasted Laxalt for championing Florida’s anti-LGBTQ law, writing, “All Throughout his career, Adam Laxalt has staked the most extreme anti-LGBTQ+ record imaginable, arguing that “gay men” shouldn’t be allowed in the military and now promoting the “Don’t Say Gay” from Florida. It’s clear that Laxalt is a danger to the LGBTQ+ community in Nevada.”

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