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Love And Thunder’ after ‘super gay’ exaggerations

Marvel’s Phase Four lineup has had a somewhat lukewarm response thus far. Of Ms. Marvel at moon knightthe latest phase of the MCU introduced us to some incredible new characters, but while neither project was particularly unsuccessful, the franchise lacks the momentum of The Infinity Saga.

Then again, we don’t know who our next big villain is and things could soon change when we find out. For now however, Thor: Love and Thunder continues the trend. It’s not terrible but it’s not the sequel to Ragnarok than fans were hoping for and one aspect left fans less impressed.

The Mighty Thor is heading to Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers. Check out the trailer below.

A few days ago, director Taika Waititi called Thor: Love and Thunder as being “super gay”, and Natalie Portman supported it, also calling the film “so gay”. It was a moment that got many Marvel fans excited.

To date, the franchise’s LGBTQ+ representation is lacking. From time to time, Marvel will provide us with a throwaway line confirming a character’s sexuality, but the MCU has yet to truly celebrate LGBTQ+ representation and Thor: Love and Thunder seemed ready to solve this problem. Sadly, fans are now discovering that the movie isn’t “super gay” at all. I won’t mention any details for spoilers, but again Marvel has made a habit of limiting the depiction to one blink moment and you’ll miss it.

Naturally, fans accused Thor: Love and Thunder of queerbaiting. Twitter user jowrotethis commented, “I would lower my expectations for Thor. I would say it’s moderately gay. A hint of homosexuality. GayISH”, while gross fiction wrote: “A little lame Natalie Portman and Taika Waititi both described Thor: Love and Thunder like ‘so gay’ and ‘super gay’ and then the movie wasn’t gay at all.

The general consensus seems to be that although Thor: Love and Thunder contains more LGBTQ+ representation than other Marvel movies, there’s still a long way to go, and improvements are needed across the franchise.