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Love Island’s Olivia Attwood slams influencers for saying they ‘work overseas’

the island of love Star Olivia Attwood has taken to Instagram to hit out at influencers who say they work abroad, saying they should be honest about being on vacation, rather than telling their followers it’s for work.

Addressing his Stories, Attwood began with a tongue-in-cheek comment claiming to be another influencer, “Being a influencer is actually very hard and I can’t create content for you here so I’m going to have to go on vacation, but don’t worry, I’ll keep talking about ‘work,'” she said sarcastically.

“Oh my god, I sound like a real hater,” she continued. “Do you know what’s fair, it’s just this meme going around that makes influencers – and it’s not all of them, it’s only a few – look so bad.”

“It’s the constant cry ‘I’m working, not on vacation’. There is a difference [between] be able to earn money wherever you are to be there for work. Every time I go on vacation, I post content that I can monetize.

“I’m still on vacation. I’m not saying ‘Oh me and Brad had the most amazing week in Portugal, but don’t worry, I was hard at work.’ You just look so stupid,” she added.

Olivia Atwoodinstagram

She continued, “And on top of that you have those who say ‘Oh we’re all in this together, this is our fight. No, this is not the case. You’re on vacation and to be honest, I don’t blame you. If it lasts another six months, I’m not going to say that I potentially wouldn’t be tempted to do go on a tripbecause I would probably f**king it.

“Nothing about the way they handled it really triggered me, but some things over the last 24 hours people have rightfully said in their stories ‘You don’t know how hard it is to be a influencer”.

“People are losing family members every day, people can’t pay their rent, people’s lifetime businesses are collapsing around them and you’re on your stories on the beach telling us we don’t don’t know how hard it is?”

olivia attwood hits out at influencers who say they work overseas

Olivia Atwoodinstagram

She added: “I’m not saying my pandemic has been a real struggle, I still have a roof over my head. If I decide to bail out this s**tshow in a few months, don’t all hate me I’m not going to say I’m never leaving again, but I’m not going to tell you I’m going to work, I’m just going to be honest.”

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