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Looking to explore hiking and biking trails in Cabarrus County, NC? Cabarrus is home to dozens of trail networks, and explorers are rewarded at any time of the year by the naturally stunning landscapes the trails traverse. From family hiking and mountain biking to leisurely walks and water recreation, Cabarrus County has a nature trail you’ll fall in love with!

Located just northeast of Charlotte, Cabarrus County may be synonymous to some as a hub for NASCAR enthusiasts. However, the natural beauty of the rolling countryside across the county balances well with the backdrop of larger cities like Concord and Harrisburg. Many of the trail networks listed below highlight the ability of nature and civilization to combine positively, in a way that benefits the natural system while keeping in mind the growth and expansion of cities. neighbours. So strap on those boots and check out some of the best trail systems for hiking or biking in Cabarrus County from the list below!

Nature Trails for Hiking and Biking in Cabarrus County

Carolina Wire Trail

Length: 12.6 miles of land trails completed in Cabarrus County
105.1 miles planned for construction
Difficulty: Easy to intense
Offers: Running, walking, mountain biking and hiking

The Thread is a multi-county regional trail network that offers 11 segments in Cabarrus County alone! There are over 300 miles of land trails to explore and 170 miles of water trails, with stunning views. The public can access launch points throughout the system to kayak, canoe, and participate in other water sports that connect to other land trails across North and South Carolina. The Carolina Thread Trail is in full expansion, with a master plan to eventually join Cabarrus’ current 11 segments for a total of 105.1 miles of trail in Cabarrus County.

The Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail

Length: 2.1 miles one way
Difficulty: Moderate
Offers: Hiking, walking, mountain biking, running

The Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail is one of The Thread’s featured trails. The trailhead is of particular interest due to the conservation efforts of the Catawba Lands Conservatory, comprised of restored Piedmont oak savannah. The trail continues past streams and wetlands, through working farmland, into serene habitats and finally through young forests. The trail is also part of the Butterfly Highway, a conservation initiative to create networks of pollinator-friendly plants and habitats.

Mountain biking trails in the county of Cabarrus

Brown Mill Mountain Bike Trail

Length: 4.25 miles of trail
Difficulty: All skill levels
Offers: Mountain bike

Located a few miles outside of downtown Concord, NC, the Brown Mill Mountain Bike Trail has something for all skill levels. There are several dips, flow sections, jumps, switchbacks, rock features, and a gravity cavity that make this a prime location for mountain biking. The trail is suitable for most cyclists and is perfect for doing several bike laps to hone your skills.

Rob Wallace Park

Length: 3.5 miles of trail in total
Difficulty: All skill levels
Offers: Mountain biking, hiking trails, playground, picnics, fishing

Rob Wallace Park is located in Midland and offers a skills zone for beginner to expert mountain bikers to hone their skills as well as balance features and berms. Within the park is the Powder House Trail, a mile-long horse trail, as well as the 0.7-mile Quarry Loop.

Paved paths in the village park

Paved trails in Cabarrus County

Hector Henry Greenway

Length: 5.7 miles total
Difficulty: Easy
Offers: Walk, hike, bike

The Hector Henry Greenway runs along the Rocky River and connects three segments, The Mills at Rocky River, Riverwalk and Moss Creek. The trails are mostly paved and are considered easy for biking and walking. The Greenway is part of The Thread trail system and offers wildlife sightings, walks, educational exhibits and magnificent views of the surrounding wetlands.

village park

Length: Several paved trails in the 16-acre park
Paved walking paths throughout the park

Located in Kannapolis, Village Park offers over 16 acres to explore. There are paved walking paths throughout the park through green spaces, perfect for picnics and outdoor recreation. The park also offers a wading pool and a ride-on train, the Rotary Express Train, which is a g-24 scale replica. The cost of the train is $1.50 per person and it is open on weekends from April to September. Plus, there are picnic shelters, a carousel, music concert series, and special events at this park to enjoy during your walk or bike ride.

Harrisburg Park

Length: 2.5 miles of trails for hiking and biking
Difficulty: Easy, moderate, and difficult trail offerings
Offers: Hiking, biking, playground, amphitheater, paddling pool (summer)

Harrisburg Park has over 2.5 miles of paved and natural trails to explore for hiking and biking. The ball diamond loop is rated as easy and is about 0.5 miles long, great for a walk or letting your kids join you on your walk. If you’re looking for something more challenging, the Harrisburg Extension Loop offers 1.5 miles of trails with moderate to challenging hills to climb as you venture through the forest and across three creek crossings. In addition, the park offers a large playground, a wading pool in the summer and special events at the amphitheater.

Are you ready to explore the outdoors in Cabarrus County?