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Roger Federer discusses his love for hiking with Anne Hathaway, sings on Britney Spears’ “Oops…I did it again”

Roger Federer and Anne Hathaway recently starred together in a commercial for Swiss Tourism that went viral on social media. The 20-time Grand Slam champion is a brand ambassador for his country’s tourism industry, and the ad with Hathaway was the latest in a series of high-profile campaigns he has been involved in since 2021.

On Wednesday, the former world number 1 took to Instagram to share a special behind-the-scenes video from the set. Hathaway and Federer asked each other a series of informal questions in the clip, particularly around their respective experiences with roadtrips.

The Swiss maestro revealed that he had always been someone who loved to travel, a sentiment that dates back to his love of hiking as a child. The world No. 41 noted that he often used to go camping in the Swiss mountains with his parents, which mainly resulted from his father’s belief that it would help him spend more time with his children. .

“I loved hiking. It’s a childhood memory that I lived very well. Very early on, I was young and I learned to make a fire, grill sausages and bring food. bread… I loved it. And the summer in the mountains is great.” Federer said. “You can forget everything. My dad used to say, ‘When you walk, you talk.’ I think that gave him a lot of time to be with his kids and talk to them. I loved that.”

When it was her turn to post a question to Anne Hathaway, the 40-year-old asked her which three celebrities she’d like to roadtrip with. The actress cast comedian Sarah Silverman and singers Adele and Dolly Parton.

“I think of Adele. She can both talk to me and sing. She’s so lovely,” Hathaway said. “Next, Sarah Silverman and Dolly Parton.”

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Unfortunately, the Swiss didn’t know who Parton was. After Hathaway did his best to explain who the legend was, Federer jokingly begged her not to ask him any more questions as he felt embarrassed by her lack of pop culture knowledge.

“Don’t ask me any more questions, please,” joked the Swiss. “Why am I sweating.”

The American dropped the 20-time Grand Slam champion with one final question, asking him what kind of music he listens to while on a road trip. The former world No. 1 revealed he loved having Queen, Bon Jovi, a Swedish pop rock band called Roxette and the Backstreet Boys in the background, as well as some Britney Spears.

“I sing in the car when I travel, but badly. I like to listen to Queen, Bon Jovi, Roxette – a Swedish band,” Federer said. “Backstreet boys, because why not? I think it’s right there. A bit of Britney Spears [too]I remember teaching my children.”

That’s when Hathway asked Federer to show him his singing skills, which the 40-year-old surprisingly complied with. Although the performance didn’t last long, with the former World No. 1 singing just one word from Spear’s hit single “Oops…I did it again”, it was enough to send the actress into an elated frenzy. .

“You’re the most fun! You did it! Oh my god! I can’t believe you did it!” Hathway noted in amazement.

Roger Federer confirmed to play Swiss Indoors 2022

Roger Federer has been confirmed to take part in the Swiss Indoors 2022
Roger Federer has been confirmed to take part in the Swiss Indoors 2022

Roger Federer has been confirmed to take part in the Swiss Indoors 2022 in October. The ATP 500 event is the second tournament the 20-time Grand Slam champion is guaranteed to play in this year, following the Laver Cup in September.

Good news! Roger Federer says he is playing in Basel!! https://t.co/7Dehrx1B89

The former world No. 1 is a 10-time tournament winner, having won the tournament between 2006-08, 2010-11, 2014-15 and 2017-2019. The world No. 41 will be the triple title holder this year and will approach the event with a protected ranking.

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