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New book asks straight and gay readers ‘What it really means to be a man’

Defying the genre, this novel will pique the interest of a straight and gay readership.

NEW YORK, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mark Howells’ novel Pride features James and three other “wounded” souls. While on a hunting safari, James hopes the adventure will help him experience true humility. Hypnotized by the power, freedom and ferocity of a pride of lions, and their total commitment to protecting one another, he realizes there may be much to learn from these majestic creatures.

Pride is an intriguing novel in which the author uses an African safari as a backdrop to unravel the psychology behind the concept or sin of pride and the power that can be found in humility. The novel also delves into demystifying male supremacy and the seldom told truths that surround toxic masculinity.

Using his experience of being almost mauled by a lioness while working in Zambia on a lion rehabilitation program and his subsequent reactions as a catalyst for his writing, Marc Howells delivered an accomplished and observational novel. Defying the genre, this is a novel that will pique the interest of a straight and gay readership.

A story of connections, accepting the truest version of yourself, and living authentically (without needing to conform to unachievable stereotypes), Pride will resonate long after its final page.


What should men be proud of? James always knew pride was the greatest sin, but going on a hunting safari might just be what he needed to experience true humility. A pride of lions is a force to be reckoned with. They are free, fierce, wild. Always committed to protecting each other. Maybe humans should take notes.

When James ends up being exposed and chased out into the desert, he decides he better get started. In nature, you don’t have time for comparisons, worrying about being masculine enough, or showing how much power you think you have over others. When you hear a roar, you better start running. When you stumble, you better get up. When the lion catches up to you, you better show that you are not a threat.

This pride that you thought was well deserved. This superiority you have sharpened like a knife. They are not weapons that you can use. They are ropes that bind you. As James forms a strong bond with others in the lion camp, he realizes that society has always told stories about men that no man can live up to.

Now that these rules no longer apply to him, what remains of his identity? Can he roam free putting behind this sin? And what does it really mean to be a man? James is only sure of one thing… When you enter a pride of lions, you leave your own pride behind.

‘Pride’ is now available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon

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