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How to Dress for a Successful First Date: 9 Style Tips from Dating Coaches

This one is for those who are still very cautious about meeting in person, despite the relaxation of the rules.

“For online dating, it’s not just what you wear. How you position your camera is also important,” Fan advised. “In general, make sure there’s a light vivid and natural on your face and the camera lens is positioned at eye level. I would say avoid messy prints and stripes as they can be distracting.

Lim shared, “Due to the pandemic, using dating apps and virtual dates has become an alternative. As many of us have stayed home, singles actually have more time to invest in personal development, whether that’s trying new recipes, exercising more, learning new skills, or meeting new people. people through virtual meetings. It’s a new and fun experience, and virtual dates have their benefits. We don’t need to commute or spend time traveling, and it’s a good way to know if someone is genuine before meeting them in real life, and also to filter out scammers. If you like what you see or hear on a virtual date, meet for a face-to-face date because that’s when you’ll really know if you’re compatible and if you have chemistry.

“In terms of dress up, Zoom has makeup filters and virtual backgrounds, but we always advise our customers to keep their makeup simple and make the effort to dress in date-appropriate outfits, because your clothes can always make an impression.Lately, wear a smile and adopt a positive frame of mind for every appointment.