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The Complete Reroll Guide and Tips

The Walking Dead: All Stars is a slow motion Roleplay featuring a post-apocalyptic world with hidden dangers and horrors around every corner. Take control of many different characters and plot your way to survival among hordes of undead creatures, using unique character synergies and strategies. The game is based on a top-down combat system. It has unique combat synergies between characters that make it very necessary to have a good set of characters to start with. For that, our The Walking Dead: All-Stars reroll guide that will help you get started with great characters.

How to effectively reroll in The Walking Dead: All-Stars

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Tutorial Takes a Decent Average Time gacha Game. Also, there are not many early draws, so raising is not recommended. But if you want to reroll, it’s best to use an emulator. The game has an easy account reset option which makes things a bit easier. To get started, follow these steps:

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Revival Guide for Android Devices

  • Start the game and make sure to select the guest account option.
  • After that you should start the tutorial, it may take a while for it to finish. Skip most of the story content after you’ve seen it at least once.
  • The Recruit The menu is used to summon new characters and is locked behind a clear stage, so keep going until you can unlock it.
  • Claim premium currency which you can use to roll in mailbox banners, mission and quest rewards, or any other location you can find.
  • Roll over the banner that has the character you want. If you get the character you wanted, link the account, but if it was a failed reroll, continue.
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  • Resetting an account is as easy as it gets. Just navigate to the Profile section, then to the Account tab. Here you will find the option Delete account at the bottom left of the screen. Tap the option and confirm the prompt. If you did it right, you should have a fresh start.
The Walking Dead: All-Stars Revival Guide
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  • Continue the reroll process until you are satisfied with a good account.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Revival Guide for iOS Devices

Reroll using the same method as Android.

How to revive an emulator in The Walking Dead: All-Stars

Emulators are still the best boosting tools you can use BlueStacks, LD player, Memu, or any other emulator. All modern emulators have all the necessary features to make the rerolling process very smooth and easy. If you get stuck at any point, read the official documentation. You can also do a simple web search, all queries should be readily available on the web. To start rerolling on emulators, follow these steps:

  • Install the game on any instance, preferably on a Installing 64-bit instances as they provide better performance and stability for most modern games.
  • Open the game after installation and finish downloading the game completely. Once done, just close the game.
  • Create clones for the game from the Manager menu of the emulator. The number of clones you can create depends on the computer specifications.
  • Start the restart the process on the cloned instances, and after a bad relaunch just delete the cloned instance and create clones again from the main instance. You can also choose to reset accounts each time instead of deleting them, use your preferred relaunch method.
  • Once you get the perfect account with the characters you want, link the account from account settings.

How to link a game account in The Walking Dead: All-Stars

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Revival Guide
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Navigate to the Profile icon section at the top left on the main screen and from there to the Account tab. Here you should be able to see account linking options among several third-party services, select the one you prefer and link the game account to it. Linking the game account is always recommended because you will be able to play the game on different devices and even have your game data still intact in most scenarios.

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