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5 tips to be a successful parent and entrepreneur

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Often, as co-entrepreneurs (parent entrepreneurs), we bring our work home, which can interfere with our family life and the time we spend with the children. It takes the fun out of home and makes it stressful for everyone under the roof.

Make parenting fun

I try to bring some fun back into my home and my parenting by doing things that stimulate the fun aspects of life.

  1. The great outdoors. Go for hiking, biking, swimming and outdoor activities. We try to do something fun on family weekends, from skiing in the winter to cycling, swimming, camping or traveling the rest of the year.
  2. Challenge your children. Put games and challenges into the fun things you plan. Often, as kids grow into adolescence, they get a little more “attitude”, so we put little challenges in our fun times.
  3. Jokes. Yes! Dad jokes are the best. Every day I work on memes, jokes, or puns to get that “UGH” (think teenage sigh with sound) response into our day. It makes my day, and I know they secretly love it even if they act annoyed. Well, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Schedule time for self-care within reason

I structure my day, so I have time for myself, my wife and the children. We have more time than we think in a day. We often fill it with silly TV, social media, and chatter that takes time away from the essentials, like “boring” our kids.

Allocating an hour to optimize your health is necessary for peace of mind and planning family time during the day is just as imperative. I make sure to spend more time for myself in the gym and time afterwards for family time.

It’s a matter of discipline and timing. My work time is set each day and I allocate about an hour outside for what needs to be done (i.e. what fire needs to be put out today), usually 30 minutes before daylight and 30 minutes after work hours, then it’s home or at the gym.

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Be the best role model you can be

Children will copy what you do every day! I tend to believe that I have a unique sense of humor. I really find humor in most situations and can turn conversation into humor, much to the chagrin of my wife and children. We need to model ourselves on how we want our children to be.

If we discuss and implement success in everyday life, our children will emulate it. The teenage years are tough, and often they fight you day in and day out, but you’ll hear them say the things you say to their friends, trying to make life better around them. This is where you know you’ve done well for them!

Stay organized

The key to organization is daily structure and discipline. When the time is up for an activity, the time is up. Come back tomorrow. Years ago, I was practicing full-time, running the business, and decided to go back to graduate school and get a full-time master’s degree. I added a workout for a full ironman at the same time. I did this while being married and having two young children at home.

It was about time management and priorities. I was on the bike or in the pool at 5am everyday. Then home before anyone gets up to cook breakfast and lunch and get everyone and myself ready for the day. While I was cycling on the trainer, I was working on my studies. I would go to work and then home to spend time with my family. While they watched videos or learned channels, I worked a little more or played with them while they watched.

If you don’t structure your day with the necessary discipline, you will lose it and fall apart. There is plenty of time. Those who say they don’t have the time are wrong and lack the discipline to achieve what they want.

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Stay present with your children and with your work

If you are not present with your children, something or someone else will be. Who they spend their time with will show in their attitude, work ethic and goals. You are their leader, their mentor, their coach and their life. Without you, they’ll find someone else to take that place.

The same goes for being present at work. When I walk through the door to see a patient, I breathe and focus on the task at hand: my patient. I drop everything else. I focus on them and their needs. They can sense when you’re not there for them. We hear it all the time from them about their appointments with their other doctors. “They don’t listen. They didn’t even look at me. They just stared at the computer.” Make sure your clients are heard, helped and taught to heal themselves. The best compliments we receive come from clients who feel heard and finally feel like they have a doctor who listens to them.

For me, it’s not hard to listen to. Most of the time, customers want to be heard and understood. Then we run simple tests to find the underlying root of their health issues. Then they can follow a program to learn how to fix themselves!

I follow my advice: I do my best to manage my days so that I get the most out of them for myself, my clients and my family. If I’m not performing at my best, I can’t be there for anyone else.

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