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Start of mental health awareness month, self-care tips

DELMARVA – May marks Mental Health Awareness Month and we are consulting with a local mental health professional to review the importance of self-care.

Veronica Correa, registered clinical social worker with the Personal wellness center in Salisbury tells 47 ABC, that May also marks the start of spring, which means spring cleaning, and that applies to your sanity.

Correa says it’s a good time to work on yourself even if you’re not having serious mental health issues right now, as it can help prepare you for when life takes a turn. So that means doing activities like meditating for five minutes a day, breathing, walking in nature, doing yoga, and even keeping a journal. “This mental cleansing or mental shower needs to be done every day, it’s emotional cleansing and emotional cleansing,” Correa explains.

While resources are available, Correa says sometimes just focusing on calming your mind can make all the difference. “It’s like saving money, you think I don’t need it now but yes one day you will need it and it’s so nice to have it, it’s the same thing but it’s is emotional resilience.” Correa adds: “You build resilience and you become like an oak tree, strong and no matter what storm comes your way, you’re going to be able to ride it out or help others along the way if they’re struggling.

Correa also says that children’s mental health is a growing concern, so now is a good time to check in with your children, students, and anyone who doesn’t feel confident voicing their concerns.