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Tips for finding the perfect place for your humidifier

To find the best location for your humidifier, consider where you need the most humidity. For example, does your new baby or toddler need it in their room? Do you want to find a place where the whole family can enjoy it? Or are you trying to improve your sleep? The answers to these questions will help you find the best location to operate the unit.

One thing to keep in mind is that the humidifier will be of no use to you if the humidity it produces is not distributed throughout the house. Therefore, HVAC training workshop recommends installing yours in a space with adequate air circulation. Just try to avoid placing it near the wall art as the mist may cause damage. If you opt for an ultrasonic model, HVAC Training Shop advises placing it as high as you can safely to help diffuse the fog into the air. A place with good air circulation can also be in the center of the room. This is often where air moves the most, whether from a ceiling fan or people walking and moving through the space.

If you like greenery, a humidifier can also improve the health of your beautiful houseplants. Many species like a higher level of humidity than is available in our homes, according to The indoor plant corner. So group your moisture-loving houseplants around the humidifier and watch them flourish!