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Weathering the Storm: Tips for Staying Safe in Bad Weather | KAMR

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – As severe weather rolls into the area Sunday night and severe weather season continues, how prepared are you?

“Now I hope you have your plan in place because we are in our traditional severe weather season and now we are entering the heart of our tornado season, it actually peaks over the weekend of the day of the day. memory,” said chief meteorologist John Harris.

John said people in the High Plains need to be ready to go and have a plan in place if extreme weather hits the area. He said if a tornado were to touch down, your family should have a safe place to take shelter.

“If you have a cellar or a basement, of course, that’s the safest place. If you are short on time, go to the center of this house or apartment in a bathroom and protect yourself with pillows, blankets, towels, put on thick winter coats, bicycle helmets if you got it, and hang in there, Harris said.

John added to ensure you have a safety kit with you when taking shelter, which includes water and non-perishable food.

“Have that as a safety kit, with the flashlight, the batteries, the cell phone, we used to say the transistor radio, which was a radio with batteries, then have that safety kit ready to go. job,” Harris said.

He said the first line of defense inside your home should be your electrical appliances like TV, radio or cell phones.

“Tornado sirens are meant to be heard outdoors, not indoors, so you don’t want to use it as a first line of defense. The sirens are meant to be heard if you’re in Hodgetown watching a baseball game or stepping out to the park on your way home,” Harris said.

John also reminds people not to go out and chase tornadoes or get video of the tornado and bad weather.

“It’s not smart. You may find yourself in a situation where you cannot get out of it where you were protected, similar to leaving your house to get away from a tornado. What I would worry about is protecting you. That’s the bottom line,” Harris said.

John also reminds people to have their cell phones fully charged and ready to go in case of extreme weather conditions. He added that you can also get the KAMR Local Four weather app and set it to your location to get up-to-date weather information.