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Horse Racing Betting Tips for Derby Week

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Only one horse will be named the winner of the 148th Kentucky Derby, but anyone can be a big winner at the betting windows.

Churchill Downs said more than $150 million is won each year by bettors betting on the Kentucky Derby.

The gates to Churchill Downs opened at 11.30am on Tuesday, as did the betting windows.

Chuck Fauble told him, betting on horse racing is as easy as one, two, three.

“It’s just math, it’s all just math,” he said.

The retired engineer and Marine Corps pilot enjoys working with numbers.

“I am a small bettor. I don’t bet much. I’m fine, I usually win.”

Once, however, he won big.

“I put a dollar trifecta on 189, it came to $11,000 for a dollar bet, says Fauble.

Earning money is just a bonus. The real prize for Fauble is taking on the challenge of choosing the right horse.

He says examining your horses before placing bets is the way to win bets.

“I always watch the horses and the paddock and make sure they are healthy, on all fours and not hurting anywhere and I look for the best jockey,” says Fauble. “Horse records matter a lot.”

Hadley Hardin, a fifth grader, uses a different technique to place her bets.

“I make money eliminating names, whatever name sounds cutest and best and whatever color I prefer,” Hardin said.

This year, she’s betting on Margarita Time and any horse wearing red or blue.

She said if she won big, she would save the prize money.

If you are new to horse racing betting, remember to choose a daily racing schedule.

They include each horse’s past races and training performance to help you decide which one to put your money on.

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