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What are some tips for visiting Washington State? we have 7

Top Things a Visitor Should Know About Washington State

Planning to visit Washington, the evergreen state? We asked locals for tips for visiting DC and their responses were very insightful.

Making the trip to Washington State can be fun. You may be visiting Washington from another part of the United States or from another country or continent. Just be aware that every part of the state generally enjoys all four seasons, with the exception of Seattle and the western peninsula portion of Washington. The western part of the state generally receives winter, spring, summer and RAINY seasons.

Take the following seven tips to heart, but no matter which one you choose to follow, remember that there is something for everyone to enjoy when visiting the great state of Washington.

What are the tips for visiting Washington State?

TIP #1: There is the east side and the west side.

We can be a lot like the Hatfields and the McCoys depending on which part of the state you’re visiting. The west side is more laid back, liberal and metropolitan, with Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia being a short distance from each other. The east side is more rural, and the general attitudes of residents of this part of Washington are rather woodsy, conservative, and feisty. Sure, you’ll find all sorts of political and general ideologies everywhere you go, but these two combinations of people mean there’s never a dull moment in Washington.

TIP #2: Seattle is overrated.

When locals say Seattle is “overrated,” they just mean there’s more to Washington than just Seattle. “Seattle is overrated, come to Yakima,” says Yakima resident Brandon D.

TIP #3: Taxes are a bit high.

If you buy gasoline in Washington, expect to pay an arm, a leg, and a fork for your firstborn. Just kidding, but seriously, gas here is expensive. Another related tip: You can get zero-rated gasoline and cigarettes if you stop at a gas station on the “ground floor”.

TIP #4: We have VOLCANOES!

Mt. Ranier erupted in the 80s (and some say they can see it smoking on a clear day). We hold our breath until one of Washington’s other dormant volcanoes decides to make some noise. Our five volcanoes are Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams.

TIP #5: We have wild horses running rampant.

YES, believe it or not, packs of wild horses are rampant in Washington State. These rugged beauties can be seen especially in parts of Silver Lake and in sections of the lower Yakima Valley and Yakama Nation. https://destinationpackwood.com/are-there-any-wild-horses-in-washington-state/

TIP #6: We have a nuclear plant and 8 military bases.

Our military bases include the Army, Air Force, Air National Guard, Navy, and Coast Guard. We also have border patrol boats along the Canadian border.

This brings us to our final tip for visiting Washington State.

TIP #7: We are a gateway to Canada!

Washington has US Border Patrol and Customs officers in the towns of Blaine and Spokane. You can take a car, ferry, train, bus or flight from Washington to Canada. Americans can cross the border by land or sea using an enhanced ID, passport card, or passport. If you want to travel to Canada from America, you will need a passport book.

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More great tips from local residents about the good, the bad and the ugly of Washington State:

“[The] wildlife.” Tracy C.

“High taxes.” Chris M.

“You [should] get a map, then take a specific route, hence the N. Cascade Loop, Chinook Pass, White Pass Road, and Coulee Corridor.” RJ Tires and Benefits

” [Come to] Toppenish and enjoy our murals and delicious food.” Elpidia S.

“[There are] both sides of the Cascade mountain range. The east is drier; Western is more humid.” Ardelle R.

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