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Where was Rambo First Blood filmed? All about the locations of the film

first blood rambo is a 1982 American action drama that revolves around a troubled and generally misunderstood veteran soldier named Rambo who gets into trouble when a small-town sheriff triggers his violent side. He is traumatized by memories of the Vietnam War. Rambo fans often wonder where was first blood rambo filmed and where can we see the locations of the film. Here’s everything you need to know about the first blood rambo location.

Where was first blood rambo filmed?

According to Hope British Columbia websitea big part of first blood rambo was filmed in Hope, British Columbia, Canada. The location where Sheriff Teasle picks up Rambo is the WaterAvenue near the Gardener GM. In the scene where Rambo is running from the police, he can be seen riding a stolen motorcycle on the Third Avenue train tracks. The chase scene between Rambo and the police takes place along Hudson Bay Street. The Sheriff’s Station is located across from District Hall, near the corner of Wallace Street and Third Avenue, which has now moved to 560 Douglas street.

Image credits: Screenshot from the trailer of first blood rambo

Other first blood rambo filming locations

A few other locations first blood rambo as the Treehouse Health Foods turned into Mountain State Economies while the Outpost Gun store was built at the intersection of Commission Street and Third Avenue. It was built specifically for the film which was later destroyed during a scene. The Chapman Gorge in the movie was actually the Othello Tunnels of Canada. Rambo rides the motorcycle through the Chevron gas station which has now turned into Hope Pizza Place.

At the start of the film, the sheriff drops Rambo off on the bridge in Portland, Oregon. The original bridge was dismantled in 2011. The intersection near exit 170 where Rambo passes under the “Welcome to Hope” sign and the wooden “Gateway to Holidayland” arch can still be spotted at Hope Station House and at Coquihalla campground. Finally, the gas station that Rambo blows up as a diversion was specifically designed to be destroyed during the filming of the film.

Image Credits: Screenshot from the Rambo First Blood trailer

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