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6 tips for pet parents to be eco-friendly

MISSION, KS /ACCESSWIRE/August 26, 2022/ (Family Features) For many people, “going green” means walking instead of driving, ditching single-use plastics and saving energy. To go beyond that, pet owners can follow additional steps that help the planet while supporting their furry friends.

Consider these eco-friendly ideas from Freshpet’s Nature’s Fresh range to support your pets and those in your community while being environmentally friendly.

Explore locally

An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to visit dog parks and other pet-friendly places within walking distance rather than driving. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new hiking or walking trails, contribute to pet-friendly establishments, and get some exercise for you and your four-legged friend.

Opt for eco-friendly foods

There are planet-friendly food choices for pets, like Freshpet’s Nature’s Fresh, which sustainably sources ingredients with regenerative farming methods and features certified cruelty-free high protein. All recipes are developed with respect for the planet because waste is reused, recycled or transformed into energy. The kitchens in which food is prepared and the refrigerators where customers find it use electricity generated by renewable wind or solar power.

Replace single-use products

When you walk with your pet, bring environmentally friendly products like a reusable water bottle rather than a single-use plastic bottle that could one day become a pollutant in waterways or rivers. food sources. For your furry friend, a fully collapsing water bowl makes the item easy to store when not in use while minimizing waste.

Support local shelters

If you are not yet a pet owner but would like to become one, consider turning to local shelters. Adopt versus buy helps control overpopulation and its environmental impact. Another way to contribute to local shelters is to donate gently used blankets, towels, water bowls, leashes, collars, grooming tools and beds. This gives objects a second life and helps reduce landfill waste.

Use Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Picking up after your pet should not create additional waste. Use compostable bags to avoid adding single-use bags to landfills. Made from natural vegetable starch with no toxic materials, compostable bags are an eco-friendly option for pet waste disposal. If you have a compost heap used for plants you don’t plan to eat, simply throw the bag into that heap. Alternatively, if your compost pile is used for fruits and vegetables in a garden, be sure to bury the waste bags elsewhere – animal droppings can contain pathogens that are harmful to humans.

Go digital with pet health records

Many vets still use paper records, but these records are easily lost and can be harmful to the environment. Consider creating a digital record of all your pet’s health documents via the cloud so you and your family can access them anywhere. Pet owners can be sure that documents are always at hand if they have their smartphones and can recycle paper documents once they have been digitally saved or reuse documents as scrap paper.

Find more green tips for pet owners at Freshpet.com/NaturesFresh.

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