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‘Armenians Hiking’ Celebrates Seven of Its Members Who Have Summited Mount Ararat

GLENDALE – At a celebratory event on Sunday, October 9, the Los Angeles Armenians Hiking Plus More (AH+More) organization honored seven of its members who recently climbed Mount Ararat, reaching the summit of the landmark national of the Armenian nation.

The brunch reception was held at the beautiful residence of committee members Mr. and Mrs. Roupen and Anahid Harmandayan in Glendale.

Members of the organization, Dr. Haroutyoun Armenian, former president of the American University of Armenia, and his wife Sona, who had made the same pilgrimage several years ago, shared their experience and memories of the ascent of the mountain, which has special and historical significance for Armenians. everywhere. Dr. Armenian congratulated the hikers and presented each of them with a copy of his book of reflections on his own journey. Ms. Armenian, who was the mentor and coach of this group, congratulated the climbers for their determination and encouraged the other members to undertake this once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

Afterwards, the members of this last AH+ hiking group talked about their trip planning, the challenges at the different stages of the hike and the difficulties encountered on the way to the summit. Their anxieties at the foot of the hills were overcome by the excitement of the calls they seemed to hear from Ararat. At the top of the 5165 meter high mountain, they all burst into tears of overwhelming emotions unique to Armenians. Some, however, were disappointed that they could not see the Armenian capital Yerevan from where they were standing. On the way back, they felt sadness at having to leave Ararad behind.

Mount Ararat hikers Ani Gueukdjian Gottwald, Karmen and Edik Edgarian, Hasmik Shakaryan, Nargiz Terzian, Lilit Saakian and Tamar Tashdjian received special certificates of achievement, presented by committee members Rita Filikyan and Jorik Khajadourian.

It’s worth mentioning that over the years, several other AH+More members have climbed Mount Ararat and come back with similar feelings.