Hiking tips

Bronkhorstspruit Police provide advice on how to protect yourself when hitchhiking – Ridge Times

Bronkhorstspruit Police have received several complaints of rape or sexual assault, some involving women who agreed to be transported by strangers.

“We therefore warn the public not to accept a lift from a stranger and to refrain from hitchhiking,” Constable Catherine Ramovha, media spokeswoman for Bronkhorstspruit Police, said in a statement. press release published on May 26.

In some cases, however, it is unavoidable that some will hitchhike and for this reason the police have provided advice that could save a person’s life:

Trust your instincts and refuse a hike if you feel uncomfortable;

Use reflectors/light clothing and be visible especially at night;

Refuse rides for drunk drivers;

Avoid hitchhiking at night;

Offer to pay for your trip even if it’s a small amount of money. You can therefore avoid a “lift” in exchange for “other favors”;

Do not hitchhike while drunk or under the influence of drugs;

Call your friend to know the details of the car you are traveling in or just send an SMS or WhatsApp;

Don’t accept a ride in a car full of strangers;

Women should avoid an elevator in cars with multiple men inside;

Find a better holding spot in the open or on a road going in the right direction;

Always ask where the car is headed first rather than offering a destination;

It is best for women to hitchhike in pairs.

This hitchhiking warning advice comes directly from an incident in which a woman was allegedly sexually harassed after being picked up by a motorist in Bronkhorstspruit. (StreeknuusJune 3).

The incident happened on Tuesday, May 19. Said woman was on her way to work on Lanham Street in Bronkhorstspruit when she was convinced to get into a car with a stranger.

He apparently sexually harassed her, but she managed to escape the vehicle and reported the incident to the police.