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California parents who died while hiking were trying to save a child: report

(NewsNation Now) – A new report has revealed that two California parents likely died trying to save their baby from extreme heat while the family was hiking in the Sierra National Forest.

The family were found dead after going missing while hiking in August. Some have speculated that a toxic algal bloom may have killed them, but this fall investigators ruled they all died of hyperthermia.

The new findings, first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle and later obtained by NewsNation, reveal that the baby likely died first and the parents made several attempts to help their child which proved unsuccessful.

John Gerrish, 45; Ellen Chung, 31; Miju Gerrish, 1; and the family dog ​​were found dead on August 15.

The report says authorities first located the bodies of Gerrish, the baby and the dog. The mother was lying about 13 feet higher, apparently trying to climb the hill for help.

Authorities wrote that the family was likely caught off guard by overestimating their water supply for their hike.

The morning of the hike the temperature was 76 degrees but swelled to a scorching 109 later in the day. Mariposa County Sheriff Jeremy Briese said they only had a “small amount” of formula and some snacks.

A doctor told investigators the “clock was ticking” as the family began the hike, according to the new report. No toxins have ever been found in their drinking water and police have found no evidence of foul play.

The family had a cell phone but there was no cell service. However, authorities were unable to access the phone.