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Cornershot: Beyond the Call of Duty | Entertainment

On December 8, as I was exiting Towers Mall, a car behind me hit the bumper of my car.

The other driver and I got out just as a policeman came down to our cars. He was in the parking lot and just heard the accident.

Although he couldn’t write a report for an accident on private property, he patiently and kindly had us move our cars and stay inside while he drove back and forth between us telling us exactly what doing and sharing all the information between us.

I don’t know if he was that nice because we were old people or women, but I got the feeling that he was just a nice person.

At a time when police officers are under such stress in their low-paying, high-stress job, this young man has shown such kindness and patience.

I’m sorry to say I was nervous and forgot his name, but I hope he knows how much I appreciate everything he and his colleagues do every day for the community. His mother would be proud and I feel much safer knowing he’s watching over us. Thank you.

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—Donna Bowers, Roanoke Reader

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