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How the ‘Sex and the City’ Revival Will Explain Samantha’s Absence

Sometimes people break up. This is probably the explanation sex and the city the comeback, And just like thatwill go with when it debuts on HBO Max – without Kim CattrallIt’s Samantha Jones.

“They’re not trying to remake Sex and the City,” says HBO Max’s chief content officer Casey Bloys Told TVLine Wednesday, February 10. “They’re not trying to say that these characters are reliving their 30s. It’s really a story of women in their 50s, and they deal with things that people deal with in their 50s.

Kim Cattrall as Samantha in “Sex and the City.”


Bloys added that sometimes people “come into your life” just like “people leave,” apparently alluding to Samantha.

“Friendships fade and new friendships begin. So I think this is all very indicative of real life stages, real life stages,” the executive added. “They try to tell an honest story about how of being a woman in her 50s in New York, so everything should feel somewhat organic, and the friends you have when you’re 30, you might not have when you’re 50.

The streaming service announced the new series in January, which will follow Sarah Jessica Parkerby Carrie Bradshaw Cynthia Nixonby Miranda Hobbs and Christine Davis‘ Charlotte York as they continue to navigate the relationships of their lives while living in New York City.

After the news of the series was announced, the Divorce alum, 55, hinted that they would not be replacing Cattrall, 64, who chose not to return.

HBO Max Boss hints at how Samantha will be left out of 'Sex and the City'

Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker on “Sex and The City.”

Craig Blankenhorn/Hbo/Darren Star Prods/Kobal/Shutterstock

“It’s not as black and white as that,” she told TMZ on Jan. 13 when asked if they started launch a fourth character. “We are not looking to bring in a fourth character. We have New York City as the fourth character. There will be a lot of interesting new characters that we are excited about.

Cattrall has yet to speak about the new show, but has made it clear many times over the years that she has no interest in returning to the franchise after. featured in six seasons and two films.

Parker also quashed rumors of a feud via Instagram after the revival was announced, responding to a fan’s comment that the actresses don’t get along. “I don’t hate her. I never said that. Never. Samantha is not part of this story, but she will always be a part of us,” she wrote. “It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing. X.”

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