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Summer is still in full effect. That said, dating and travel are two very relevant topics. The two seemingly go hand in hand, especially for single travelers navigating the dating landscape while exploring the world. Finding love on vacation is not easy at all. That’s why the online dating expert Jonathan Kirklandof Match Group BLK, the world’s largest dating app for black singles, has created a list of tips to help travelers find their way around more easily. Check out the list below.

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  • Choose places that are both fun and relaxing, but ALSO romantic: When choosing a destination, be sure to choose a place that is both relaxing and romantic. Keep it casual because at the end of the day, it’s still a vacation.
  • Be smart about your travelers check: Being an outsider, especially outside of the United States, makes you much more attractive and appealing, but can also make you a target. If you’re using a dating app to meet people while on vacation, be very clear about your intentions and stay alert for any red flags. If all you’re looking for is someone to show you around, say so!
  • To be open minded: Meeting people from different cities and countries is always a refreshing experience. When you travel this summer, be open to experiencing other cultures, traditions and religions. Challenge yourself to try something you’ve never done before. You can interpret this as you wish!
  • Be specific: Specify the activities you want to do: hiking on great trails, biking around town, seeing local art, grabbing a coffee or a cool bar. This is your opportunity to really experience the things you want to do in that city/country. Try group adventures. Who knows… maybe you’ll meet someone while ziplining.
  • Pack accordingly: On vacation, we sometimes forget that there is an opportunity to meet new people and have dates with new matches. Instead of the typical summer travel clothes (swimsuits, leggings, flip flops), don’t forget to pack some evening wear to impress that potential match. If you stay prepared, you don’t have to prepare!
  • Stay close: Keep your pitch within 5 or 10 miles of your hotel. Become friendly with hotel staff so they know your face so they get to know you and can notice if your routine seems off. Share your location with fellow travelers and people at home.
  • Most importantly, SAFETY FIRST:
      • When traveling out of town, be sure to meet new people during the day in public, well-lit places. And, if possible, bring a friend with you to meet your new match.
      • Swap the other person’s social media pages to get more information and ideas about the other person before arranging a date.
      • Leave a note in your hotel room with your phone number, where you are going, and contact details for your meeting. Share this information with the reception staff and/or also send it to a trusted friend.
      • Always take care of your own means of transport. Walk to the public meeting place. Have money and knowledge of local transport so you can get to your hotel.
      • Research neighborhoods in advance to avoid any further safety advice provided by local authorities or past visitors to your next destination.
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Enjoy the rest of the summer and be sure to use these tips when traveling and potentially looking to find love!