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Disney’s refusal to cut gay scenes from ‘Lightyear’ led to ban

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysian film censors said Friday it was Disney’s decision to remove the animated movie “Lightyear” from theaters in the country after refusing to cut scenes promoting the movie. homosexuality.

The Film Censorship Board said it approved the film with parental guidance for those under 13 subject to change.

Scenes and dialogue he “found to contain material promoting the LGBT lifestyle that violates key aspects of the Film Censorship Guidelines” were ordered to be “cut and muted”, a the council said in a statement.

“However, the film distributors did not agree to comply with the instructions” and instead decided to cancel the screening, the council said, adding that it would not compromise on LGBTQ scenes.

The statement does not specify which scenes violated censorship guidelines.

“Lightyear” features a female character voiced by actress Uzo Aduba, 41, briefly kissing his female partner in a scene from the $200 million film.

Star Chris Evans has previously slammed gay kiss critics.

“The real truth is that these people are idiots.” Evans, 41, said in an interview with Reuters earlier this week. “Whenever there has been waking social progress, American history, human history is one of constant social awakening and growth and that is what makes us good.”

Authorities in much of the Muslim world have banned “Lightyear” from being played in cinemas because it features a brief kiss between a lesbian couple.

Many Muslims regard gays and lesbians as sinful, and many Muslim-majority countries criminalize same-sex relationships. The United Arab Emirates has also announced that it will ban the release of the Pixar animated feature in theaters because of the kiss.