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Friends raise money for Allen after hiking accident in Canada

Friends and family are raising money for Edward Steinkamp after Allen’s man suffered serious injuries following a freak hiking accident in Canada earlier this month.

According to Victoria Times ColonistSteinkamp was hiking along the West Coast Trail with his son Bret and two others on May 3 when he fell off a log and a tree branch pierced his left eye.

The accident caused Steinkamp to lose sight in that eye, the newspaper reported. He remains hospitalized at Victoria General Hospital, where he battles infection and swelling after the branch entered his brain.

Family friend Susan Lowe set up a fundraising page that raised more than $14,000 by Tuesday afternoon for her recovery and care.

Alan Steinkamp, ​​Edward’s brother, told the Times Colonist that his brother has insurance “but it’s not clear what will be covered”.

Lowe wrote on the fundraising page that “the costs will be enormous” as Steinkamp was airlifted from the remote trailhead and will be in hospital indefinitely.

Bret Steinkamp told the newspaper that his father is an experienced backpacker who follows safety protocols, has been hiking since he was a teenager and runs marathons.

He called the fall a “random freak accident”.

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